How Weed Legalization in California is Changing Cannabis Culture

Luxury cannabis products have emerged that cater to an elevated customer. The quintessential “stoner” stereotype is far outdated, and much like streetwear over …


  1. The Democratic liberals bought in all the way with tough on drug crime. Look at Kamala Harris, who claimed she smoked down to 2Pac and biggie, while she was helping out people away for years for small time possession

  2. Hi. I'm a democratic congressman in California. We really want to fuk you Californians over. So we are going to legalize pot, so you get so stoned and stay that way you won't notice what we are doing to us. And you will reelect us because all you will care about is getting high again. Vote Democrat. Enjoy your shithole state and cities and have a nice life.


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  4. "Others fell singly or with others, arm in arm or side by side. Each of them bore the name of his sin on his forehead. I kept calling to them as they hurtled down, but they did not hear me. Again the portals would open thunderously and slam shut with a rumble. Then, dead silence!"- St. John Bosco's vision of Hell (1868)… Repent!

  5. Don't smoke it unless you know where it came from. It's an excellent photoremediation plant for corporate agriculture. It's takes up the heavy metals like cadmium and lead and is then recycled for human use. So are other herbs and teas.

  6. come to think of it i know a legit 5/5 plug that ships weed to all parts of the world.i wont talk too much just whatsapp at +14156494132 to get all strains of weed you need despite your location just had mine am very glad legit plugs exist

  7. Yawwwnnnn….these assholes take literally all the fun out of it.
    It's one thing to step ur game up.
    …'s a whole nother thing when "business" ppl wanna up charge everything cuz its trendy.
    True stoners dont care as long as it's quality bud. Why do you think so many ppl value the art of rolling or hang on to super old pipes and bongs?lol it's the memory, the ritual of it all. Not the $$$$.

  8. the older "elevated customers" are just the 20yr olds from the past generations that are still smoking! just now that its legal they dont have to hide anymore. the kids always just think it belongs to them even though it's been around for ages…you dont have to make everything into a "culture" and walk around with pot leaves on your shirt.

  9. It’s ‘rose gold’ …hint’s the same stuff just 5$ more per gram. I live in Canada. Only been to one legal store… and it was like a upscale night club inside. Felt like it was quality in everything but the product.

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