Huge LED one plant harvest

I chopped down the Candy Crush Bush at day 64. 30 minutes before the lights were supposed to turn on enjoy the video and 10 days later we’ll see how it goes. All LED grown and fully organic…


  1. 288 quantum boards are the way to grow… the first 4 I got were 3000m v2 boards on a 4x heat sink with a 650 watt driver. The next six I got are the 3500k v2 with cree 660 red 288 boards all driven in pairs with a meal wells hlg260 2100b drivers for a total of 10. Let me tell you. Lighting will not be an issue for the next 15 years. Your simply now gonna swamp theese boards with new led tech. You may edge them out… but danm. They make hps look bad. Grams per watt. I've also got rapid cree cbx3590 cobs. Their slightly more efficent… their better in smaller spaces… but for 4×4 or larger tents for the money quantum boards can't be beat. Not by anything.

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