1. Ok, first of all I was impressed with your testimony. Second of all, I’m a 51 year old grandmother. Don’t laugh or roll your eyes. It’s just the fact in life; we all grow old. So, I just ordered my first CBD oil and energy capsules from a highly reliable source. I wanted to share the website with you and your viewers. why.oxzgen.com
    After reading some of the information on this site, I was ready to order. It lead me to this site: erewards.shop
    I placed an order for 1000mg CBD for $97.70. This included tax, shipping and handling. Hope this helps.

  2. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication makes you not able to bust a nut( left that one alone real quick) for all you men that can't last longer than 30 minutes you might want to take heed to this comment( you can figure out a dose where you can bust after three or four hours but they drastically affect the intensity of the orgasm or you'll get really close then the feeling of about to erupt will deflate and go away in the blink of a eye😳😮, too frustrating for me I rather deal with the anxiety LOL)…..

  3. hey ,CBD oil works gr8, though you need to work out which strand you need
    eg; your medical condition = which strand + % of strengths. then move to disired method of injestion
    savia = uplifting want to do things head lite .happy to bussy
    indica = relaxed body & head layed back feeling/pain respite .good for enxiety
    hy breed = body & head full relax mussels /good sleep/blasae temperament
    Did i mention iv;e ust been to canada & checked it all out.having suffered depresion for eva,
    i was able to self medicate, admitally i was on holidays so mornings to afternoons/late nights were an experement that finaly ended with THC that just happened to work much faster !!!

  4. I just started today. One dose so far…. Lifetime of panic attacks depression yuck. Here's to hoping it works for me. At the moment I don't really leave my house due to being too anxious and fatigued. Vids like this give me hope

  5. i don’t take any medication for my anxiety because i know how addictive the medication is and i felt so lost cs i want help. my anxiety is back and forth, i have good and bad days and i just recently purchased cbd but i’m vaping it bc i heard it was faster and quicker but i’m not sure if it’s working but then again i’m too scared to feel some type of funny feeling throughout my body lol and i know it’s just my anxiety but honestly watching this is making me feel a little bit better about it. you should try vaping and do a review on that if you already haven’t ! thank you for this video 💛

  6. i’m also on anti depressants/ anti anxiety meds, was looking into something along these lines so i can get better. is the cbd oil the better choice between that and medical marijuana (for anxiety depression, and even ptsd specially)?

  7. Best to take put 10drops under ur tongue hold on for 2minit and giggle ard ur mouth than swollow it and dont eat or drink for 30minutes than u can see the effect.. Bcos im taking.. The effect is instant.. Honestly not just for depression and anxity or brain problem and all others sickness cancer its really work..

  8. Hey just a suggestion, try L-Theanine from Now Foods, 100mg veggie capsules. It works wonders for me, I started having strong anxiety and panic attacks due to my profession working with computers for 11 years. It will help you too.

  9. Hey there don’t let the dropper touch the inside of your mouth then put it back—it’s like incubating the whole bottle w mouth bacterial colonies. Also the drops should be taken sublingually, which means drop it under your tongue and keep it there until it disperses itself.

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