I Tried Kiehl’s CANNABIS SATIVA Seed Oil On My Skin For a Week & THIS Is What Happened!

I Tried CANNABIS SATIVA Seed Oil On My Skin For a Week & THIS Is What Happened! Hey ya’ll! I had the pleasure of trying out Kiehl’s NEW Cannabis & Sativa …


  1. You need to buy this product asap (grandeur beauty derma roller) if you really want any serum to sink into your pores correctly‼️
    You can find it on instagram @mygrandeurbeauty or on youtube @fabulous_gii

  2. Hemp oil actually doesn’t clog your pores so that’s probably why it worked well for your skin👍🏼 That’s why it can help a lot with acne because it doesn’t clog pores and it can heal and reduce inflammation and acne while also moisturizing.

  3. Great video Kilahmazing
    ! I´ve also tried Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil on my face as well with excellent results, I even began applying it to my scalp and hair as I´ve noticed it also stimulates quick Hair Growth! Anyway, keep up the great vidz , cheers!

  4. Hey where do I get the kiehl's cannabis sativa oil from..I need it my skin on my face is soo very dry I got bags dark circles..can I ask the name of all the face cleaner u use I have to try something..please help a sister out..my skin is not healthy at all just very dry got me looking all old ..

  5. Ive been wanting to try there eye cream for my dry under eyes !! They seem like a pretty good brand. And I’ve been using the body shop tea tree oil and ambi fade cream to try and get rid of my blemishes and I’m so impatient !! I want it to happen over night lol😂😂 I think I will give this brand a try girl.

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