IEN NOW: 'World’s First' Weed Breathalyzer Completes Clinical Trial

Whether you’re for or against marijuana, I think everyone can pretty much agree that as laws about its use become more lax, there widens a swamp of related …


  1. Good thing pot smokers are a step ahead. Self driving cars, Uber,
    Lyft…. Another thing, Why bother asking a cop if it's dangerous to "drive while green"? What's the penalty for driving while sober and stupid? Too many laws if u ask me. If you wear a badge to work and are trained to deal with HUMANS not animals, under, if any, the influence of any kind (except alcohol over a certain limit) don't forget to be kind as apparently you have a license to shoot first, ask questions, if possible, later.

  2. Thanks a lot assholes for making a device that's gonna make people pay.
    ya couldn't just let it go, now cops will be pulling every other car over to test this on everybody.

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