Is Vaping Safe? | A Doctor Talks e-Cigarettes & Lung Disease

Recent deaths from vaping are freaking people out, but as a doctor here’s how I think about e-cigarettes, CBD, smoking, and risk. Against Medical Advice (AMA) …


  1. If you held a normal lung compared to a carcinogen lung in your hands , I assure you nobody would put any of this poison into their lungs unless they were stupid. It’s disgusting. Stop before it’s too late. I’m sick and tired of seeing young people with lung cancer. STOP 🛑 now.

  2. The total number of people found to be using illicit THC cartridges is at 87% where as the people who claim to have only used nicotine is at a 13%. The media is still blaming nicotine vaping primarily in the use of wording like e-cigarettes and vaping.

  3. Thank you. Finally someone not from the godamn vape/alternative healing industry who's banking on fat margins and low 0.000001% concentration of some magical active ingredient dropping some sense. Full blown rabbit hole as soon as you click on anything CBD or Vape on YouTube that takes you to channels that are DEDICATED to promoting this crap.

    If you have sleep/anxiety/chronic pain, take CBD for the placebo affect. Let your own brain lie to your face because it's better than relying on opioids.

    If you're quitting smoking, remember your lungs are designed to breathe 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, 4% water and 1% argon. Any other fucken thing is probably not going to be good for you if your lungs don't get time to clean and heal.

  4. Exactly! I have been saying this to friends for years, and one study on male swiss mice showed that CBD oil basically caused their libido to drop (yes someone counted the mounts lol) and their sperm was also affected, some had no tails deformed heads etc etc.

    Hey if you want to sterilise yourself or become a monk it would be great 😂

  5. "Oh I've been vaping for 15 years and.."

    It took decades upon decades for us to realize the dangers of smoking, and even after that we're still under-regulating tobacco products because of the massive amount of power that industry has.
    You're bullshit anecdotes and how you want to see other people do it because so far you've been fine are both stupid and selfish.
    Also, it isn't some niche hobby that a couple of online internet forums like to talk about, theres a vape shop every .5 miles now adays and its a huge industry, all of the corporate agendas influencing the media or whatever the fuck you seem to think it happening WOULD BE IN VAPINGS FAVOR, AS IT HAS BEEN UP UNTIL THE POINT WHERE PEOPLE STARTED DROPPING DEAD.

  6. Nicotine either way causes problems. There are carcinogens from fertilizers that end up inhaled leading to cancers & the likes. Addiction of any form has consequences & is costly.
    The long term effects are not know but by what we know about the short term is looking not so good. If possible quit.

  7. There has been TONS of research done on vaporizing. There are enough studies to show that vapor is a MUCH safer alternative versus cigarettes. If you die from a THC cartridge that you bought off of Instagram messages then you deserve to be dead. Also, if you think that CBD is only a Placebo you are fucking moron.

  8. Yeah people are dying from THC products not vaping I have been vaping for 5 years now and I have been more healthier vaping then when I was smoking cigarettes for 14 years and how come the UK has vape shops in their hospitals because they know it's more safer then smoking cigarettes maybe you guys you should think a little more and maybe learn from them

  9. I've seen a dishwasher that has been steamed to it's death, it had the red mold that will kill us if we had it in our lungs. Besides, if some vaping product was used to the extreme, you could over-moisturize your lungs and get the black mold that causes instant death.

  10. You say that they need to regulate vape juice. Here's the problem, they don't regulate cigarettes. I'll volunteer myself for any research for effects of vaping and will document everything. Vaping saved me and many others .

  11. I started smoking when I was 17 years old in 2012. I’ve had asthma since I was 5. By the time I started smoking, my asthma got worse. I always had to cough the phlegm out of my lungs because the phlegm blocked the air. Sometimes, I needed inhaler like quite often. In 2018, my friend recommended Juul to me, so i gave it a chance and loved it so much. Ever seen I started vaping Juul, my lung issue has been improved. There is no more phlegm in my lungs. I don’t need the inhaler because of it.

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