Jamaicans Are Worried Foreigners Will Take Over the Ganja Market (HBO)

Until very recently, smoking weed was completely illegal in Jamaica. But in 2015, the law changed, and individuals are now allowed to have a small amount of …


  1. The farm size for every license should be limited to a small plot. The economy of scale of these big companies will outcompete every small farmer and that's not fair. Where there is no justice there will be no peace.

  2. Sa..pilipinas..bulom ang gov namen dito mga hayop pa ang iba malala ang mga utak dito isang biyaya ng kalikasan na nkakapagpahaba ng buhay binabawal pero panay pagawa nila sa nkakasira ng ulo dito

  3. I'm not sure Vice understand the difference between "being woke" and "dumbing down". Foreign investors in the Caribbean have to give up 51% so the locals will always control the majority of the industry. That doesn't sound like a take over… The permit approval process has nothing to do with the Canadian company, so that's not a "take over". Lastly, if spirituality is about enlightenment and acceptance of things beyond your physical form why is Rastafari such a racist and homophobic "religion"? Exit through the gift shop when you leave…

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  5. When weed is such a big part of so many people's religion in Jamaica, foreigners or greedy Jamaican government shouldn't be calling the shots. If it wasn't part of their religion id say every man for himself.

  6. I get the sense that the old dude is racist. “Non-black business”?? Tf does that mean? The idea of wanting the citizens of Jamaica to dominate the market is reasonable, but why does this racist have to bring up skin colour?

    This is a genuine issue though, the huge license fees, which local farmers can’t afford, when they are the ones who have been working for years should be allowed to sell their product and make money

  7. This have been my concern for years also. When it was illegal Black and brown people suffer the most from incarceration, now it's legal in many places, black and brown people will be kept out of the profit. WTF

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