Jim Cramer Thoughts on Marijuana Stocks 2019? ?

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  2. Jim is a great showman, and the media sometimes promotes him way too much AND because of that a lot of people make fun of him, while the truth is that he really does have his mind in the right places. I'm also happy to see someone from the mainstream media finally understanding how weed stocks can really make a difference.

    Great video, Nick, keep 'em coming brother!

  3. Nice video. Pot stocks are a great area for potential growth, but in five years it seems really hard to know who will be the best companies … seems to be a bit of a gamble play when many companies don't have obvious moats.

  4. Great video Nick… The issue in the U.S. is that it's still illegal federally. Because of this, Marijuana companies are unable to work with U.S. Banks which makes doing business very problematic. This will likely be a continued issue until there's there's both a Democrat President and the House has Democratic leadership. I have a large watch list of Cannabis stocks, but don't own shares of anything just yet. I will at some point though. Ideally, I'd like to have some exposure to both pharma and recreation in the space. In regards to Cramer's thoughts, his opinions can change with the direction of the wind so I put very little credence in them. With that said, he's been on board with Constellation Brands and Canopy Growth from the start, so I'll give him that.

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