1. Think about this

    We, as a civilisation, have reached a point where we no longer need to survive because we’ve created things that help us do that (houses, beds, etc..). What is the next step in our evolution? AI. But how do you create AI? By using infinite human interaction. How do you get infinite human interaction? Giant corporations like Facebook and Twitter. These are all platforms that are run for people to interact with each other, photos, videos etc.. so that the AI can learn everything there is to know about humans, to create its own ideologies based on over a billion people’s interactions. AI is the next step in our evolution, good or bad, it doesn’t matter, it will happen. It’s not a if but a when. Progress cannot be stopped. Everyone who has a smart phone or uses social media platforms are literally programming this AI without even realising it. Soon enough we will have programmed an AI that is infinitely times smarter than humans. Imagine a human compared to an ant. We will be the ants, AI will be the humans. Will they consider us as problems that are in the way of the next evolutionary leap? Will they terminate everyone because they see us as problematic in their quest for advancing their civilisation? Nobody knows, but when it comes there will be absolutely nothing us humans can do to stop it. And then you get to thinking of the AI that OUR AI will create. They would quite literally be God’s. Anyhow if you enjoyed this mini rant leave a like so others can see.

  2. With all due respect to Elon, how he can do all of these things, and even have some time to do as he pleases is quite simple. How many other people, engineers, board members, line workers, design teams, contractors, think tank teams, and on, and on, does he have doing all of this. Elon may have a million ideas, perhaps he is the single element of initiating "the troops" to begin testing, designing, redesigning, testing, changing the ring tone on his phone, checking his emails…. Point being, and again with all due respect to Elon, he isn't the entire team. A good leader has many other people adding to an overall effort of creating things and accomplishing tasks. Cheers to Elon, and to the other countless people on the team that makes all this happen, including the person who empties his office trash can so he can have the time to consider having his squad consider new ideas.

  3. if joe and elon went to high school together joe would dunk elon’s head into the toilet then joe would point and laugh as he walks away with the girl elon has a crush on

  4. Wait did Elon Musk just say that it's impossible to create a machine that sucks carbon out of the air? Wasn't there a machine that was literally made this year or recently that sucks carbon out of the air?

  5. Am I the only one who finds today's cultural admiration, and dare I say – obsession, with Elon sort of weird? Like, he is very smart. But we nearly worship the guy. I am sure there are other people out there as smart or smarter than Elon. . . but they don't get the attention really. Strange phenomenon.

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