1. So many ppl argue that with UBI many ppl will just buy drugs, alcohol and quit job. But you need to think what jobs these ppl can do right now and whether we will lack human labor for these jobs in the futher. Instead of forcing them into these jobs that we dont really need, isn't it better for them to have a chance to catch up their breath and do some more meaningful things with their lives?

  2. People don't like free money. People absolutely hate good health care and can't stand free college. Please also prefer working their ass off and making shitty money to working less and making good money. People wanna have a lot of student loan. People would take some really addicting pain killers than take a couple of puffs of weed. People love white cops who go the minority's room and kill them. People don't want smart sensible people in the white house, they want an orange reality show host who grabs women by their pussycat.

  3. One catch: I'm order to get UBI you have to get a chip implanted in your head or hand where they can deposit it into your account and swear an oath of loyalty to Satan.

  4. Another great guest. Let's try "SOMETHING DIFFERENT" a COPRESIDENCY Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard. Andrew Domestic Stimulus and Growth. Tulsi International Reconstruction of Relations. And both on CZARS INFASTUCTURE of SOLAR, TRANSPORTION, ENERGY etc,,,,

  5. All those truckers that are worried about losing their jobs to automation should just buy their own automated truck bc the vast majority of truckers are owner/operators. let their robot deliver the loads while they collect the pay and that would free the trucker up to find an additional income or follow their heart and start a rock band or whatever they wish!

  6. Interesting, but I'm not sure I am smart enough to buy into this. I can't wrap my head around where this " money" is going to come from. We the people are that money🤔 Seems like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  7. I hate and waking up early but I had to get my YANG fix on. Such a relief from a long day and night. Please go vote for him y'all. Sign up to vote and give him a chance to be a true American Leader

  8. This is the first time in the history of the United States of America that an intelligent person has come into the light, to offer solutions to real issues- not over exaggerated non-issues pushed to maintain a faulty narrative.

  9. Damn..50:15….(we are fucked is what I said at 51:36 And yang thought and decided to do something about it)..these 3 responses …will be most likely be heard at some point of time in all the countries around the world….the subject is not only applicable to America but all over the world…the %will vary as well when the technology will be implemented there…fascinating stuff…a glimpse of the future

  10. Is UBI going to solve all the problems? I don't know, but I am positive that it will make american's life better to some degree and it's worth trying.

    I want to share my story, as a parent, about putting money in a child's hand. I know it's not UBI, but I think there's some relevance.

    So here's the problem statement. About 3 years ago, my daughter was 5 yo at the time, every time we were in a grocery store, a book store, a mall, she always wanted to leave the place with SOMETHING, like random toys, candy, books and etc. If we didn't buy it for her, she would keep nagging, so most of the time we ended up buying. But, she never really enjoyed those things. She would play with them for 5 minutes and never touch them again. And the worst thing was she started taking 'yes' for granted, she would throw a tantrum if we say no.
    So we wasted $50-$100 a month and none of us were happy about it.

    So, to fix that, we tried this, giving her a $20 allowance every month, no questions asked, she can spend it however she wanted.
    Here's what happens.
    She never nag and tantrum again, because now she has the freedom to buy whatever she wants with that $20. She's in control, more sense of dignity.
    At the beginning, she still would spend it on candy and cheap random toys, but soon she realized she wanted to spend the money wisely on things she enjoys more, so she's responsible for her decisions.
    Then, she learned she can save the money to buy the $50 Lego that she always wanted and really happy about her decision.

    I see the $20 allowance as some sort of "freedom money" , and it worked very well for us. We spend $20 a month instead of $100, and she enjoys making her own decisions and actually gets what she really like. Win win!
    Oh, did I mention she also does her own bookkeeping and understand the cost of borrowing – she can borrow next month's allowance today with interest.

  11. One genuine question I have is: how would this affect inflation? Would the market not get to an equilibrium to a point where that money would be useless? Wouldn't companies try to exploit this and try to pay employees less because "they're already getting $1,000 a month"

  12. 1k a month will help people when they get OUT of jail a ton. Often people end up back in jail so quickly because they struggle to find work or a place to live that they can afford once released. Many don't have a support system that can help carry them, and have no money saved prior to being imprisoned. Hell, OITNB did an entire arc on this issue in the final season!

  13. How you gonna have the greatest country with outrages homelessness depleted jobs insane rent prices and shit healthcare. Stop raping your people stop exploiting the American people. When most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck cmon that’s not a society it’s slavery. Like how the fuck did we end up here anyways. Pathetic

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