Luxury Marijuana – From Driscoll's Strawberries to Canndescent Cannabis: Dan McClure

Canna Cribs Episode 7 interview with VP of Agronomy at Canndescent cannabis, Dan McClure. FULL EPISODE – – – RIGHT HERE: …


  1. Sadly Driscoll strawberries quality has gone downhill, they used to be the only consistently good berry. Grew up in the Watsonville area plus my folks were goods friends with Don and his wife for many years. Used to always appreciate their strawberries but they seemed to have sacrificed quality. Too bad, sad deal. As for the feature reasons for this vid, thanks! Enjoyed.

  2. i gotta be honest, im a little disappointed that you showcased these clowns. Not only are they snitches, but they grow midgrade boof weed, rename strains and then cover it up with fancy packaging. There are so many great growers doing it on a big level. Why highlight a bunch of culture vulture suits?

  3. Always cool to hear people's backstories. Also, It's definitely going to be interesting once cannabis becomes more mainstream, we're going to start seeing more people and companies develop better methods and technologies of growing these plants.

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