Many Marijuana Users Turn To The Drug For A Surprising Reason: Workout Fuel | TIME

There isn’t much scientific literature on the relationship between cannabis and exercise. But some research suggests that people who use marijuana actually …


  1. Here in Colorado, I love to smoke a little pot before I do yoga. Yoga is relaxing and feels good. But when I smoke a little pot before my practice, it's even better.

  2. Good Vibes, Good Green and a blank piece of graph paper.
    My best ideas…
    The clean up it up while sober to make them presentable to a corporate audience.

  3. I havent smoked in years, but when I did….the LAST THING I wouldve wanted to do is exercise lol! Id eat and sleep – thats it.
    In fact, thats why I stopped smoking. Cause it made me lazy and tired as hell. I ENVY those that can smoke, and stay motivated, or those that get an energy boost from it.
    I do believe though that it should be legalized everywhere. I dont understand why its still illegal in many states, yet it doesnt impair you nearly as bad as alcohol. Id rather meet someone on the road that has smoked a joint than I would someone that finished a 6 pack of beer πŸ˜’.
    Im a nurse, live in a state where its still illegal, and many of the doctors I work under have even voiced their approval of having it legalized.

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