Marijuana Activist Faces 10 Years in Prison for Using Facebook Live

A 20-year-old student activist was charged with felony wiretapping for using Facebook Live while in the office of Rep. Andy Harris, known for pushing back …


  1. A huge problem,and all across the nation,is not being able to hold prosecutors accountable for their actions.They can and do prosecute outrageous cases with impunity,knowing they won't/can't be held liable in any way.Many innocent people are in prison,many are in there for purely political reasons(just look at Assange).There needs to be mechinisms in place to hold these people accountable for their actions

  2. Welcome2Amerikkka. BLACK FAMILIES have been telling all y'all about this daily.
    The OverSeers/Officers!
    Wait did he say they MIGHT ABUSE their power? Judge, JURY, Exicution by Police is the law of the land.

  3. It's a good thing that this prosecutor is going after this activist under the unconstitutional wire tapping charge. I actually hope he's convicted so that this can go to federal court on appeal. Best of luck to this young man.

  4. I just want to point out that the organization that he was representing should cover his legal fees. I’m tired of big business hiding behind activists and good intentioned young people. This kid is collateral damage as far as I know unless he is working at a Sandle dispensary. I watched these groups come in and make it impossible for anyone but corporate monopolies to come in and start businesses. Probation is expensive.

  5. Until ATF signs off on this drug there's going to be 'wiggle room' in it enough for the Gov'mint to arrest anyone who makes it look fun and reasonably safe.
    You want that marijuana card? Well sign right there, but its a national register for people who use the drug and it's held by a 'governing body' that has NO loyalty to it's oath, it's word, it's written promises.

  6. Yes, he took $42k from Big Pharma. But he also took $311k from healthcare professionals. Hospitals and doctors also have an incentive to support Big Pharma in preventing self-treatment for pain and insomnia and anxiety through marijuana.

  7. It's time for us not to stand by no longer,what I don't understand if we lie to Congress it's a felony but Congress lied to us , It's just politics,, let's take control and show who they work for ,,,we don't work for them they work for us ,and this person needs help y'all should back this person up, for not doing anything wrong but for doing the right thing.?

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