1. my dog has been diagnosed with a mast cell tumor on her side. Not sure how long she has had this, but she seems fine, still playing, barking, gets excited, is eating and drinking fine. Will this medical marijuana help her? thank you

  2. Cbd is safe, thc is only safe in very low doses. Look up thc dog overdose on google if you dont believe me. Careful folks, it has it benefits but dogs respond differently than humans with the psychoactive aspect. I use a 20:1 cbd oil for my cat with bone cancer. It works and no notable psychoactive effect, but enough THC to actually activate the cannabinoids and make it work. Pure CBD with no THC is IMO totally ineffective and not worth buying.

  3. Have you any cure stories regarding cannabis treatment for dogs with osteosacoma? I've been able to slightly extend her health with phoenix tears and CBD from hemp, but, the tumor is growing and she cannot really walk on the front left leg with the tumor. Thank you.

  4. I had an extremely long typed out question comment about somthing i believe people are being misslead about (not from this video, but others) and as I was posting it my YouTube completely shut down and restarted itself!

  5. hey Doc vet suspects my cat has a cancer in his mouth , I bought a cbd oil with 9.5 CBD and 0.5 THC , but I read all over the net that we need ratio 1 to 1 to be strong enough to combat cancer , is it true , thanks .

  6. My non cancerous dog swiped my Osteosarcoma dog's thc/cbd dose….he puked and went to sleep. OsteoSarcoma Super Girl is totally comfortable with much higher dosing….especially since ADDING THC—something I thought counter-intuitive….(edit: she had way too much thc.)

  7. My dog died of cancer, lymphoma.
    If I knew then what I know now She might have lived longer than 10.
    I didn't like seeing her on psychoactive thc so I reduced her dose of RSO.
    That wasn't good for her fight. I saw a post about
    Suppository administered medication.
    Then I gave it to her in suppository capsules, this way she could get 10 times the amount without being high.
    She lived 9 months after she got cancer.
    The vets were surprised that she lasted that long and only expected her to live less than a month.
    She's been dead for 16 months, this is the first time I have shared the story online.
    I grew Matanuska thunder Fk and made
    The RSO 20% THC to 5% CBD. She had big lumps under her jaws and under her legs. If I had more time I could have beaten the clock as it takes 9 weeks to grow it.
    I believe it kept her alive and active for at least 7 months. She quit eating and went downhill, I didn't want her to suffer anymore and had to have her put down in my lap in my truck. She's buried on my property here in Alaska.
    The oil worked, I was just a self tought amature with a huge learning curve and time was not on my side.
    Look up Rick Simpson Oil
    On YouTube and my heart goes out to you if your battling cancer but there is hope. (P.S. it takes a lot of plant to make a gram of oil.
    Like 1 oz of good buds = 3 grams of oil, thats really expensive if your buying cannabis from the store. Even growing it is expensive, if you do it under 1000 watt lights.
    But who cares when your

  8. One of my cats, Milton was just diagnosed yesterday with liver cancer. He is 11 years old and for the past few weeks had loss of appetite, lethargy, increased thirst & urination, & weight loss. He has also been nauseated to the point of not eating at all. An ultrasound was performed that showed multiple tumors on his liver. His blood panel showed everything else was normal including his kidneys. We are devastated by this outcome. Will CBD oil help him and/or prolong or improve his condition at all? He has been given 2 prescription medications: prednisolone and ondansetron for his nausea. 18 hours after the 1st dose, he finally ate his breakfast. It was a small amount but he cleaned his plate for the first time in weeks. Before this diagnosis, he and my other 2 cats have been on a raw diet for 7.5 years. Any info you can give would be most appreciated.

  9. My dog has a mass around his heart…hes on Vetmedin…what's really confusing is that I watched videos where his cough looks like A KENNEL COUGH because its followed by a gag.
    We saw elevated white blood cells in the blood test.
    Now I got an echocardiogram done and vet gave him a death sentence of a month. Report says "Soft mass tissue effect is noted cranial to the heart, most likely extra pericardial in location.
    I'm using RSO Rick Simpson oil that I ordered online. I'm in Canada so cannabis is legalized here.
    I'm trying to be as positive as I can.
    Hes 20 lbs Jack russel terrier…14 years old.
    Please Help me!

  10. So I have an 80lbs boxer with Osteosarcoma in her leg. Would that be 8mg CBD and 2mg THC? I’m trying to convince my wife to amputate, and then really push that Cannabis. I want to get on this ASAP… I’m scared it’s going to spread..

  11. Hello Doc. Me again, trying to save my dog :'( After an ultrasound it was determined that my little girl has IBD. I tried Hemp oil. Seemed to work fine. A woman on a canine IBD website suggested CBD Oil/THC tincture 1:1. Said it saved her dog and she is putting on weight. Sophia WAS 12.5 lbs NOW she is 6.5 lbs :'( Anyway the 1:1 tincture KNOCKED HER OUT! The other day I tried CBD/THC .75/.25. STILL KNOCKED HER OUT. I just cannot stand to she my baby all lupey and wobbley. Is it REALLY helpful to have heron THC? Would CBD be enough? Or was Hemp oil probably her best bet (made her hungry). I am sorry to bother you, but she is getting thinner and thinner and I fear she will be gone soon. I am grasping at any hope. Please help.

  12. I just found out my Westie has lump around or in stomach. Me Vet says it's Cancer. I can't afford more test ect… I need the link your have. I don't know where to get the Oil I want to make it myself. I don't know where to get it>please let me know.

  13. Hello…I have a 10 year old lab mix….named Jazmine and she was diagnosed with TCC when she was 8 years old…so two years ago…well her doctor only gave her 6 to 12 months to live and here we are 2 years later and she's still going strong…she had an ultrasound recently and it showed her tumor hasn't grown at all… 🙂 which is exciting to hear…her doctor and everyone at the clinic are amazed at how well she is doing…I cook canabis in 1 pound ground turkey and I let it simmer for at least an hour then I mix rice..spinach…carrots and peas in with the turkey and let it simmer another hour…then I make meatballs out of that…freeze them and give my girl 1 meatball a day…she also gets turmeric and hemp…flax and chia seeds…the first 6 months after being diagnosed I did give her prescribed meds…Piroxicam and carafate but about 4 months into it she started throwing up all the time and didn't seem herself…then she had her 6 months ultrasound and it showed her right kidney was dialated and when I saw that…I stopped the prescribed meds and started her on Natural meds 🙂 she is doing great and btw her last ultrasound showed that both of her kidneys look good also….

  14. Excellent information , I am currently using both Chemo and a THC high cannabis oil to treat my sweet female pit bull 🐶 She has Lymphoma and will die and was dying until treatment started . She got sick quite fast and went miss diagnosed at first allowing the cancer to set in and I didn’t think she would make it through last weekend 😪. She did tho and has been slowly getting better with the lymph gland swelling on one side of her throat almost completely gone from being huge . She is only 7.5 years old and was an unplanned rescue dog that helped rescue me in return for me her .
    My shadow and foot warmer and protector from any and all I love this dog with my heart and soul and it kills me to see her suffer so if she starts going down hill again I will have to help her with not going through a long pointless suffering departure from this life . I am writing this is because I was looking for a little dosage information but realize that I would need to know the exact percentage of THC to CBD ration in the oil I am using .
    I only assume it’s quite high in THC from its psychoactive affects and know it was made from high quality whole flower that had been properly flushed of nutrients before harvest and that it was grown 100% pesticide free . I did not tell my vet about using the oil as I did not want a conflict and more hassle . I love this dog and she deserves a good few swings at bat or the use of all available ammo in her fight ! She ate the most food today that she has in a week and is sleeping quietly at my feet or rather snoring at my feet at the moment 🥰🐶
    If anyone reads this and knows of any oil dosage information I would be truly grateful . I know the weight of it and could guess at its mls but would think it would be stronger than a tincture .

  15. Hello.
    Hope your haveing a awsome day
    I really need info on sards in dogs
    I adopted a 2 year old tiny shihtzu.
    She has sards she went blind a month ago becase of sards
    Would cod help in getting her sight back
    Or is there an all natural supplement help her
    Any info would greatly be appreciated

  16. He had a smaller surface 1/2 dollar size mass removed from under belly.. a smaller one is now growing again near same area. But just noticed a large mass at the groin area.

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