Marijuana Justice Act of 2019 – Cannabis Legalization News

The Marijuana Justice Act of 2019 was just introduced in the Senate by Cory Booker & the House of Representatives by California representatives Barbara Lee …


  1. Hello, does anyone know where business ideas are wanted or needed. I don't have problem with ideas it's the business aspect. This is virgin territory so to speak and with this happening it will more mainstream . Thanks and great channel..!

  2. Robert Randall v US Appellate Court was a benchmark case in which the court decided marijuana had a medical use. Thus, the government began handing out medical marijuna to select patients. This program Compassionate IND shows the hypocrisy of government when they classify marijuana as a schedule 1 drug (meaning it has no medical value).

    look to the past for the truth, marijuana was made illegal due to the influx of immigration and hispanics showing americans the recreational side of marijuana. Also, hemp (which is marijuana) is an extremely diverse plant that was threatening major textile industries)…follow the money, the drug war is a lie

  3. I don’t know how you don’t have more subscribers my man. Great content and thank you for always keeping us up to date and informed! It’s gonna be a huge year for all of us!!

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