Marijuana Stocks Crash June 3 2019

Marijuana Stocks Crash June 3 2019 – RICH TV LIVE – JUNE 3, 2019 – Cannabis stocks were mostly lower Monday, as investors digested the first reports from …


  1. zenabizz makes a comeback today, don't need no zenabuzz turning into a zenaburn, zenabitch, or zenabroke. should be soon and it will be a zenabliss and paying big zenabucks……

  2. The rollout of edibles will not happen by Oct 2019 ,we may be lucky to see it on Selves sometime by oct 2020 the reason i believe this is because we all know the speed of government.So this being said many current companies will burnout their cash and go broke,in the meantime my prediction is stocks will continue the downtrend with fakeout breakouts.

  3. FDA has a lot of Pumpos Asses that are very much skeptics of the whole industry . FDA being part of the "Gov't Arm" will not be giving a clear direction or in a Hurry either ..

  4. It’s all good! These are blessings and we need to factor accordingly in the future (for me at least, I am building my stack monthly). Save chunks of money for these times and ride the highs with what you got…for the most part. Our longs will see ohhhh, 5-10 of these lulls before we cash out.

    Looking into Prohibition and how alcohol stocks faired, compare that with Canada as well, we see almost the same trend. Run up with dips and a sell off just before full legalization. Both took about a 50% hit across the board. We are still 2-5 years before we see that in the U.S. but my feelings are the STATES Act will pass here in June or July. Just in time for the banks and whoever else has been held back, to jump on board on the cheap. Nooo, they wouldn’t plan that. Billions of dollars are being made every tick lower for some major players who want in. When they do, it is going to be 🐉🐉🐉🔥🔥🔥 💰💰💰💵💵💵 and I can’t freaking WAIT!!! Good luck to all.

  5. The best way i look at investing in marijuana is to diversify the cash reserves into companies that are 1) Marijuana growers 2) Cannabis biotechs 3) Providers of product and services 4) International Cannabis companies (presence in Europe , South America , Israel and Australia) .One or 2 best of each portfolio should be more than enough. Key is to identify the bottom and ride it up till the top, with a 30% margin profit. Knowing the fact that what goes up will come down and vice versa. Its about taking advantage of the boom( which is next 2-3 yrs) , post which it would just be like any other regular stock. The other key sectors to keep a watch in June is 5G , mineral and Gold.

  6. GW pharma, CTST, CGC, ACB, CWBHF,, HEXO, CURLF, KSHB, ALEAF, STZ are the most recommend, by almost all the analyst. Future would be more of merger, acquistion and its been predicted the small players will be eaten by the big fish, so investment should be done with careful research and dilgience.

  7. If I only knew the MJ Market would crash in October 2018 and May 2019, I would have saved the money to accumulate Cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoins and Ripple around December 2018. Bitcoin really took off from January to May 2019.

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