Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 7/2/2019 by

United States and Canadian marijuana stocks technical analysis and update. Marijuana sector run down and update on technical patterns, price resistance and …


  1. My family owns a large plant nursery and was recently licensed to grow certain strains of marijuana. We currently have millions (likely tens of millions) of plants growing. Our operation was very large already simply selling perennials, annuals, shuns, trees, herbs, vegetables, fruits etc., but within a few months of starting our marijuana operation we have decided to fully dedicate our farm to it, as the net profit is ~8x what is was before. There is a short clip on my channel of one of our houses. If enough interest is shown, I can post a video of the scale of our operation as well as provide insight as o how to run it. Thanks!

  2. A stunning majority of this market is MUCH clearer when you simply zoom out… like why not look at the full chart history when many of these charts have only existed for a couple years at most? Simply looking at the line of best fit, above or below, don’t buy if it’s higher, buy if it’s lower. Way easier to figure out vs price level trading this…tack on some intelligent trading system on the line of best fit and it’s currently the easiest sector I’m trading.

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