1. Dan, for over a year now you have had problems with the measure tool. It doesn't work because the candles are highlighted. You can see that by the dot on some of the candles. And this has been the case on every time :D. Just unmark the candles by pressing the background and the measure tool will work.

  2. MJ is now officially "treacherous" full with peril in my book. All kind of tricks and fake outs in the price action … I mean every trick since "man" existed is being played to maneuver the psychology of buy or sell decisions across the board. Smart BOTS indeed. Quite Alarming. Now I fully understand the value of the emphasis on daily higher lows and higher highs as the "must" to indicate change in momentum. Even stop losses get skipped. Liquidity is key. Volume size under the candle is also key.
    Thanks Dan. Months of watching and it finally sunk in.

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