Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms & Side Effects From DAILY Use (BRUTALLY Honest)

Weed withdrawal ISN’T A JOKE, but there are a lot of puns and funny memes regarding marijuana addiction. On today’s video my guest Cg Kid details how …


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    I genuinely believe that the topic of Addiction is a topic more people need to discuss. People often silently struggle with these kinda things on a daily basis. I’m gonna continuously speak on my own experience with porn which was my “substance” of choice. In addition, I’m going to continue to bring other people’s experiences with other kinds of substances

    Why Quitting Marijuana, Gambling, Alcohol Is DIFFICULT (For Even The SMARTEST Of People)

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    Quitting WEED Cold Turkey After YEARS Of Smoking DAILY (Techniques That WORK)

  2. Because of my traumatic past and upbringing I started smoking marijuana when I was 14 all day every day. Im 27 now. I recently quit because I found my soulmate and we knew we needed to stop. I was doing my research and informing her of the symptoms that can occur. We both didn't take it that seriously, but boy did we regret not doing so. Long story short, I was on like my 4th day and doing everything in my power to get through this as smoothly as possible. Long story short, I was unable to control my irritability one day that my fiancé said something (of course in a natural mind set one would never get angry this way over) that set me off and I put my hands on her ( not on her face with my fists at all. just grabbed her wrists and told her mean things that I regret tremendously). I ended up going to jail. Very embarrassing thing to go through especially when you hurt and damaged your soulmates trust and safety. I hope this can be a real lesson to people that don't think this can have serious consciences. I had to pay the price for not following strict proper instructions and procedures. Much Love Universe and Beautiful Souls.

  3. I still dab everyday, but have already tried a couple times to just cold turkey, but its brutal. Theres so much discomfort and irritability from withdrawals that its almost dangerous to quit cause i can be very short tempered, but none the less, i feel like i will try again, i just think i need a stable schedule to keep me busy. Some exercise will definitely speed up my detox process but i have literally cut off everyone from my social circle and have no friends to even call up to exercise or play basket ball… its just messed up my life by now

  4. Bro who gives a fuck weed is not even that bad to quit compared to actual other drugs y’all b complaining honestly jus smoke weed simple it’s legal so might as well and so many ppl smoke weed like it’s fun honestly

  5. True @ in the beginning you feel uncomfortable existing. No appetite, sleepy but won’t fall asleep, start realizing all the cash you spend, a lot of things annoy you, craving ….. yea it’s day 7 I’m hanging in there and not going back.

  6. 15 years old , smoked weed for a good 2 years now, but once again i got caught and now im stopping, but the with drawls are just crazy now, like my mind is all over the place man.

  7. Chronic public farter here been blasting away for over 10 years . I’m in week 3 and my ass is burning. When I’m in the mall or in an elevator my ass starts to sweat and I get really anxious. I had one squeeze in the post office but I was wearing tight jeans so it was not my fault even though I felt guilty I’m hold strong. Can’t sit on a wooden chair or bench yet that would be too much to take right now .. baby steps . I have had some jealousy rage outbursts when I heard a Chinese guy crack off a few at Best Buy . I hope this passes

  8. I've been smoking about an eight of flame a day for 10 years roughly 1-2 five packs of backwoods daily. I recently quit 4 days ago and I literally have slept like not at all. I've been awake for 80+ hours I feel like I could die. Should I seek medical help or just tough it out until the withdrawal subsides to where I could actually go to bed.

  9. I would recommend booking time off work, don't tell anyone you are quitting, make yourself unavailable, drink a ton of water, go for walks, find a tv-series to watch back to back, avoid confrontation, delete your dealer's numbers, get a new phone, don't plan for the future, you have 1 task for a whole month and that is to stay off weed.
    Benefits: More money, look better, feel better, balanced state of mind, better relationships, better sleeping pattern, better eating pattern, you'll give off a different vibe, more energy, inspiration kicks in, you'll become smarter etc etc.
    Your next task is to not get too confident into thinking just 1 smoke would be fine as you'll suddenly find yourself back on it day to day a few months later

  10. I’m on day 10 right now, the first 6 days were some of the worst days of my life but the last 3-4 days I have noticed positive changes but still some symptoms are current. I still get anxious and paranoid at random points of the day, my mind will have unwanted thoughts, my appetite is slowly coming back, but eating still doesn’t feel 100% right and I’ve lost about 8 pounds in the last 2 weeks (Keep in mind I’m 152-155 pounds usually and right now I am 144-145 pounds). I’m also trying to knock off Nicotine at the same time so it’s been rough, I’m hoping this next week I start to be more active and hope too see no more symptoms cuz honestly I’m so tired of feeling just the slightest symptoms from withdrawal.

  11. I’m going through this rn my whole body is giving out, I havnt eaten in days and I’ve thrown up so much stomach acid and I’ve debated the extreme already…. I have major anxiety disorder and severe depression

  12. I quit in January and let me tell you those withdrawals were very uncomfortable I never thought I would go through a variety of stuff I thought I was going crazy I wanna say after 60 days those symptoms subsided

  13. I was a multi-decade weed smoker and, other than cigarettes which I quit 15 years ago, it is the worst thing I have ever done to myself. Many people can smoke occasionally and it is fine. But if you are a daily smoker over a long period of time the withdrawal is intense but worse is the literally wasted life. Marijuana messes up your head. If you don’t smoke do not start. If you do, stop even though it sucks for awhile to get past it. Being a slave to anything is no way to live. A clear head and improved physical well-being is far better than living in a semi-depressive haze. Onwards an upwards!

  14. I just realized I was withdrawing from marijuana when I took a 3 day trip with my mom and I couldn’t eat anything and felt like I was gonna throw up all the time. I went from taking several dabs a day to nothing because we flew

  15. the first thing is so true I stopped 3 days ago and smoked for 6 years (I'm 20 now) and the last two years daily I don't have any cravings thankfully but the random anxiety is so weird I just chill at home and boom it hits me it's exactly how he described it it goes away after a few mins but it's really weird. I also had a migraine at day 2, I really can't wait until it's over I had extrem anxiety attacks a year ago couldn't even go to the supermarket or ride the bus 10mins without an anxiety attack which definitely came from weed which I also didn't thought of or admit.

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