1. i am so grateful for the pain relief i got after surgery, fentanyl after prostate removal. I am in recovery from substance abuse and made that clear and took my prescribed meds as directed, the fentanyl push was available every 10 minutes and i took it, even staying awake to enjoy the comfort and peace to be cancer free ! at home its been oxicodone and i guess it helps but not like my evening with fentanyl. last night i dreamed id decided to use heroin, not unrelated. I've been in recovery a long time

  2. I suffer from chronic pain and I was on fentanyl patches for my chronic pain it didn't do anything to give me any relief from my pain. So now they are giving me morphine30mgs and m.s. contin30mgs they are working some but they are not taken care of all the pain, but when I was on oxyicodone 30mgs and oxycotin 90 mgs time release pain pills I was pain free I could stand at the sink washing dishes,making beds and everything. I even walked very good without any pain. They will not put me back on the one's that have me pain free, I understand that they don't want me to take the oxy and oxytocin, but I don't have any problems with taking to much or misuse the pain meds that gave me my life back.

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