Medical Cannabis and Stage 4 Rectal Colon Cancer

MUST WATCH Cancer #TruStory! What’s that saying? The proof is in the pudding? Well the proof is in Karen’s CT scans, she has been treating and beating …


  1. You can ingest the oil for a complete kill in about 60 days or so….. eat it – or- suppository work excellent if you don't want the high – easily get 1.5 or 2+ grams a day with NO HIGH using coco butter suppositories – MANY SUCCESS STORIES OUT HERE – maybe this will help – worth a try because its not going to do any harm !!!

  2. My dear, You need to use it as an anal suppository. Vaping just gives you about a 15% effect to cancer killing. Oral swallowing will give you about a 40% medical effect. Anal suppository will give you about an 80% effect, although it bypasses the liver, so you do not really get high, unless you seriously increase the dose. Yes, I am a medical researcher.

  3. I’ve been diagnosed with cancer that spread to my lungs. I have an appointment with my doctor Tuesday. I’m going to listen to everything he says and I’m going to keep my options open. I heard if you take a gram a day of the Cannabis oil it will shrink the tumor. I don’t know but I’m going to try everything

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