1. this is bad.mike…..you have to work for peoples health…..you can join yourself to promot healthy food…..and help to people to leave this kind of addiction……….you can work with Unani medicine….Homeopathy Medicine……Herbal product…….Indian Ayourbadik medicine….plz….keep my request man

  2. Isn't he a Muslim? Muslims must not drink alcohol, narcotics, marijuana and anything that is intoxicating. The Qur'an and the Hadith of the Prophet explicitly forbid this. Does he know about this? Every intoxicant is Khomr, every Khomr is Haram. (Hadith of Muslim)

  3. Great iron Mike would love to established contact with you some, Ghana has a great climatic condition for medical marijuana. Will glad to replicate your vision here sir

  4. I am Mike Tyson Fan. But Man😳your are Not in Shape you are Moslem and I think there are questions? 😳I adore you behause of your Lifestory. A very String Charakter.

  5. Old Time
    Im and my Daddy always look Mike Tyson fight on the tv and If i look Mike Tyson im always remember my Daddy..
    His have same face

    But my Daddy has die on year 2016
    And Mike Tyson make me always feel good

    where i look him when i remember my dady

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