1. Hello,
    I have Lyme disease and am in terrible full body joint and bone pain 24/7.
    At night I have seizures and the CBD and THC helps. I've found that personally,
    Cannabis can be very effective at relieving my pain. If your suffering daily and need pain relief,
    Don't use big pharma and all there pills. Go the natural route and try an edible from your local dispensary.
    CBD Can also help with withdrawals from opiates.
    Good evening.

  2. What an arrogant, boring asshole! Don't knock others' use of grass because you yourself overdid it. What's the black suit and tie represent? The funeral of cannabis? I couldn't get thru this whole video. As if this bozo isnt selfish himself! Doesn't this guy know about all the art that's been created on pot? Yes, it does make you lazy if you overdo it. Alcoholic overuse is called alcoholism, but look at how much great literature came from drinkers before they suffered the bad effects.

  3. Great vid. I just dispute the notion that unrealized potential is "selfish." It in no way benefits the individual to not achieve their dreams. The selfish thing to do would be to live your life the best you can and create the best you can while you do. Placing the self as being unworthy of moral consideration, or, worse, worthy of moral condemnation, is exactly the mindset that leads so many on a path of destruction. Reclaim self esteem by doing away with the notion that putting yourself first is evil. It isn't.

  4. Im in this struggle for about 20years now. Dépressions are taking me over.. can’t move on with my life, but I know that this shit is holding me down. Thanks for the motivational speech!

  5. I relapsed since our last comment interaction, but I watch these videos religiously and I’m 29 hours no weed now. This is an amazing video, hits home, I don’t want to limit my potential anymore. Thank you!

  6. I relapsed since our last comment interaction, but I watch these videos religiously and I’m 29 hours no weed now. This is an amazing video, hits home, I don’t want to limit my potential anymore. Thank you!

  7. I>m an atheist but God bless you man! You talk really well and it"s my 4th day being sober after 5 years stoned straight! I really needed to hear this. Your outfit motivates me to live up to my full potential 🙂

  8. Great video! Should have more views. Your right that we shouldn’t delude ourselves into believing that we are not limiting ourselves simply because we feel we are not doing too bad. When in reality our potential could and is much more.. 👍

  9. This is great brother! I always say I'm not myself when I'm high I overthink procrastinate and I'm paranoid I will write those books to help people so I have to be my true self in order to do so I know it's gonna be a fight but in the end I will be able to help others overcome!

  10. Thanks man, I really needed to hear this. I've been struggling for the past year trying to finally kick the herb. All throughout highschool everyone knew me as "the kid that could draw". I remember a teacher pulling me after class and on his desk he had one of his homework assignments that I doodled all over and I was expecting him to yell at me for doodling all over the homework but instead he looked me right in the eyes and said "you better do something with this talent of yours, it's too good for it to go to waste" and he proceeded to tell me all of the things I could do in life with it. I had so much motivation after that and I felt unstoppable. Well after highschool my depression started getting the best of me and I turned to smoking all of the time and slowly it killed all of my motivation and I stopped drawing, I lost my spark because I'd much rather smoke and mindlessly play video games all day long. People still ask me if I'm still drawing and still ask me to this day if I can draw out a tattoo design for them or something of that nature. I want to, but my motivation is nowhere to be found. the past 6 months I've been having all of these ideas coming out of nowhere for a comic book that I'd love to start because I feel like it's my true calling, but the weed has just been holding me back from my true potential. This video was awesome and exactly what I needed to hear man, I want to get my life back on track while I'm still young. I don't want to be 65 years old looking back saying "what if" that scares the hell out of me. Thank you again for helping me open my eyes, you just earned yourself a new subscriber.

  11. Great topic brother and just going of topic ur skin is glowing man. That's another thing with being sober improves skin health alot. Thanks for another great video.

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