N.C. lawmaker continues to push legalization of marijuana

One North Carolina lawmaker continues to push the legalization of marijuana in the state in a colorful way.


  1. I was able to file an affidavit of indigency because I'm in poverty so gov corporate entities etc responsible liable etc for damages perjury etc will be dealt with by piercing the corporate veil etc

  2. It is a shame that it is a Black man suggesting this. You can see the smirks of others and you can just tell they don't take him seriously. Fuck this state and its racist ass ways.

  3. Dude I went to montana and someone gave me a marijuana gummy bear and it tore me up from the floor up. So tired of only having alcohol shoved down my throat, marijuana please come to NC

  4. Marijuana exacerbates mental illness. In every clinical study, youth experimenting with it end up dropping out of school, and off the grid, becoming homeless. In every state that's legalized, violent crimes and synthetic drug use is now higher than it was before legalization. It destroys so many lives, and the chances of so many to get out of poverty.

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