NugSmasher Makes Vape Cartridges With Rosin Cannabis Concentrates

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  1. I'm not to familiar with the whole process do to the fact that I live in a state that hasn't legalized it yet.
    But I'm just curious what you do with the nuggets after they have been smashed obviously most of the oils have been extracted but I can't help but Wonder if any good could come out of them.
    I know there are people out there that have tried to smoked it………or is it to weak to bother keeping?
    I know I'm going a bit of the topic but I'd appreciate any info thanks.

  2. 1. Activate the wax before doing any of this
    2. Use ceramic or glass not silicone(the silicone can end up in your mix)
    3. Put water in a pan and heat it up. Place the glass cup with the wax in it into the water and mix.

  3. I would delete this stupid videos smh people just gonna use yo method change it up throw what ever the fuck they want to in and call it carts from California and sell them to kids

  4. Is there any way to break down an extract with out any pg or vg additives? I know shatter can just be heated and put in the proper cart with zero carrier but can it be broken down with terps alone or is there a company that makes such a product? Trying to reproduce the carts that come from dispensary. Dispensary claims it's only natural terps to break it down, "zero" pg, vg? If there's any dispensary workers online, would love to hear what yours does for your carts.

  5. I would heat a ceramic plate in that damn microwave of yours . Place the dish you have you rosin in onto the dish, and just allow the radiant heat transferred to dissolve the rosin without exposing it to microwaves.

  6. I just don't like the PG, VG, MCT, PEG, and etc. I press mine using my Nugsmasher XL and add Terps only. Works great in Ccell Th2 and SPRK cartridges. This way I have no issue with separation.πŸ’―πŸ’―

  7. So much IGNORANCE…sigh…REAL cannabis terps are SAFE!! I've vaped 0.5ml pure cannabis terps..even drank them…its the FAKE cannabis Terps that cause problems. MULTI plant source ARE FAKE. just b/c u have terps extracted from plants does NOT make them real…cannabis terps can NOT I REPEAT CAN NOT!! BE REPLICATED….Greedy LYING bastards cause so much confusion b/c they are after they mislead ppl. REAL 100% CANNABIS DERIVED TERPENES…use that and Nothing else!*edit * IM NOT saying nugsmasher camp is saying companies that sell b.s. terps are Peace n love

  8. NO NEED FOR PG and/or PG!!! Cannabis Terps and the rosin THATS IT. Hmu @cannabis_miamor on ig and ill explain exactly how to do it. NO HEAT needed…unless your concerned about clarity…then gentle heat and mix. MUST be 100% cannabis derived terpenes…in theory I guess fake plant terps would work too..BUT F ALL THAT. .use cannabis terps!! They're expensive $100-200/ml but so worth it. The world is going to wake up to terps soon

  9. can't you buy the oil ready made? I wouldn't be able to go through all this process.. I'm new to vape and currently use the Juul.. is there a way to get high on the juul pods?

  10. I'll basically be doing the same thing, but instead of using Food Grade Vegitable Glycerin for vaping, I use SCT oil to use in a syringe. I take the syringe and put two drops on a cracker and I am set for the night. Of course if you use Ethanol, (ethyl Alcohol is 200 proof drinking alcohol) instead of oil, you can make one hell of a drink, but they say it is not advisable.

  11. these people dont know what they are doing.. a cartridge of potent oil and the strain is suppose to be like the plant itself not a fucking vape juice cloud… this shit is ridiculous man.. who microwaves their shit and doesnt use a hotplate ??? You guys have a good product but a lot of hillbilly blackmarket street bullshit going on.. leave it to the white coat scientists with passion and meticulous desire to balance science and earth together. πŸ™‚

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