1. this is another example of a channel that is really not helpful for new growers. Less fuck and shit and way way more notes and specific measurements on what I as a new grower need to do. Entertaining, but i feel like I am back in the military while trying to learn something, so my notes now look like this

    1) measure plant growth 14-16 inches from light source
    2) increase watering and nutrients by 8ml
    3) fucking take the fucking plant off the fucking thing so it fucking does shit

    see 3 doesn’t help much but it is funny.

  2. What’s up man I’m currently growing OG Kush it’s my first time doing this strain any tips or trick? Going to be in a 4×4 under a 300w led it’s on day 5 since I put the seed in soil

  3. I have the black dog clones and the OG Kush plants both from Humboldt seeds flowering in the 5×5 with the same 400 watt I no I say this all the time but I’m going to make an update today just for you bro haha I hope my OG stops stretching πŸ˜…btw lol

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