On Marijuana and Legalization (Pt. 1) | Jesse Ventura | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Governor Jesse Ventura (actor and author) about his new book “Marijuana Manifesto.” Watch Dave Rubin’s full …


  1. Time for petitionS,
    speak up America….we've tolerated it being demonized with nobody to defend it for far too long.
    …freedom to be responsible people!!

  2. Where is Jesse Ventura on reducing animal cruelty in meat industry.. An important subject to many young people and other voters. What good way to show our compassion. I am a meat eater but i feel a strong support against animal cruelty will comme halfway to meet vegans and vegetarians.. Big block of people

  3. The United States is jealous the Russia has always been able to make great weapon systems that arrival and if not beat what the United States is able to produce. They will never admit this but Russia has some weapons that we don't have an answer for.

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