This Channel Posts EVERY SUNDAY!βœ… The 8 x 2 closet grow harvest is finally ready to be chopped, dried, trimmed, cured and this video am taking you through …


  1. Happy New Year everyone! I know right off the bat people are going to be asking about the sift screens I am trimming on. Linked down below is an amazon link to them. I use them for trimming & for safe 100% solventless extraction. Any questions just drop them down and other then that I hope your Holidays were great!

    ( see description for full list )
    Trim/Sift Screen set for catching hash –

    Boveda RH packs for Curing –

    Fiskarz Trimmers ( the very best ) –

  2. Another great Vid!!..THx, man!…..i'm chopping 13 girls today… moving one Enormous Mother from outside in to the room vacated by harvested grow,,,, 4 White Widow and 9 GDPs… damn fine looking….. the mother was a smaller plant that got kicked out of the room to sink or swim… it got huge once i put it into 20 gallons of good soil….. Stay Lit!!….=]

  3. Can’t stress enough how much I appreciate you making all of these videos man – you’re truly doing Gods work πŸ˜‚! I’ve watched tons of people on YT, but Yours has become my favorite channel on the subject.

  4. Love your videos! Harvesting this week. Getting ready to go dark for a
    couple days. Our garden was outdoors. We've been hauling our 20. gal
    gro bags inside every night due to a theft, cooling temps and high
    humidity. Kept a mild PM problem under control with Green Cure and
    selective removal. have GSC, GG#4, Alien OG, Green Crack and Heirloom
    Northern Lights (15yr old seeds actually germinated and produced massive
    7ft plants ) Anyway, what temp/RH do you recommend while going dark?

  5. Hey Mr. Canucks Grow. I have seen a few of your episodes and really appreciate what you are doing in the industry. I wanted to reach out and see how we could work together in the future. I operate, a cannabis fine art and merch brand for true connoisseurs. If you get a chance please head over to to check out some of the characters. Thank you in advance for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. you look funny! but for real any books or such for a person interested in trying to grow but someone who has no frickin clue on what the first steps are to growing. like first where to get seed. what the stages of growing are just i guess basic botany

  7. Still my favorite fellow grower, i think i have watched every video you have posted more than 5 times each, some more. Keep doing what you are doing bro!!!!

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