Pan That Palette & Project #PanPorn 2019 | Update #1

Hi guys! It’s been a month since I posted my intro for my Pan That Palette & Project #PanPorn, so it’s time for me to update you all! I’m trying to hit pan on all of the shades that are currently…


  1. I'm trying to hit pan in an least one shade of my palettes this month( edit: year). I don't have the commitment for pan that palette, so I'm doing one month one palette every month this year. I already hit pan in January's palette! That was extremely exciting for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wow so much pan!! Seems like you will be done with your z palette shadows by may! And so much pan on your CP! You dont have that many palettes, will you be rotating in your cream shadows in this project as well?

  3. I 've basically had the worst day of my life & getting the notification that you updated was exactly what I needed. Thank you for just centering and calming me when I really needed it through making this video. Congratulations on all your progress. You 're doing so well!

  4. Wow, I cannot believe how well you've done already!! You have pan on more half of them! You can definitely finish this before the end of the year. It's funny that glass bull is powdery to you, because mine is just very very chunky, but I can't imagine ever hitting pan on it because of the way it's packed. I think I might want to do a project pan porn! I'm kind of doing one off camera by myself but may decide to start filming it once college starts again

  5. Awesome progress! I need to comb through your videos to see how in the world you hit pan within a month! Iโ€™ve been doing Pan That Palette since September and only have it hit pan in two shades of my LORAC Pro palette.

  6. Youโ€™ve gotten a lot better at showing swatches. I know a lot of people were pretty rude when they mentioned it the first time but you took all of that hate and improved on it. I know itโ€™s a small change but it really makes a difference so I wanted to mention that I noticed your hard work. Also great job with all of the pan!!

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