Pennsylvania Suddenly Favors Cannabis Legalization

After sending the Lt. Gov. on a statewide tour to study constituents’ positions on Marijuana Legalization, Governor Tom Wolfe announced his intentions to pursue …


  1. I always thought the better way to handle intoxicated operation of a vehicle was to treat it like distracted driving with modifiers. Drunk driving is so much easier to prove than high driving and I can't see with current laws with technology to merge the laws together yet for dui or owi.

  2. Marijuana is already ubiquitous. Legalize it or don’t, it won’t change what I’ve already been doing for over 30 years. It just might make it a little safer and more convenient though. When has prohibition ever worked?

  3. The only concern I would mention, is that one of the public said that the taxes/funds from legal cannabis. Watch the video from Last Week Tonight about the lottery. If you don't want to watch, current funding means (tax abatement/incentives increase) or rates/levels will be cut and use the lottery funds to "back fill" the intended program(s), instead of actually increasing total funds to that program(s).
    I would strongly suggest the public in states adopting laws, that something be added that the state can not cut current funding and must make reasonable increases.

  4. Jeff "Trailer Park Fun Cop" Sessions' head must be exploding right now. Only problem if Alabama ever legalizes it, Roy Moore will have something else to lure 12 year olds into his car.

  5. This is less about someone passing a law against marijuanaand more about the FDA refusing to classify marijuana as anything other than a schedule 1 controlled substance, as such it is illegal. Many speculate the DEA pressures the FDA to keep marijuana classified as is in order to allow the arrest and prosecute based on possession and sale of marijuana. It has been suggested by many that this is due to the amount of money the DEA recieves for prosecuting people for marijuana related offences.
    Because of the FDA classification most states have laws specific to marijuana and what classifies possession vs. Intent to distribute. As more States choose to put aside the FDA's classification and allow for the legal possession, distribution, and consumption of marijuana FDA his position regarding the classification of marijuana looses strength.

    All of this stated it is still a federal crime and federal agencies can prosecute people for breaking federal law in states where marijuana has been legalized, if they make the mestake of transporting marijuana, or money earned in the sale of marijuana across state lines.

    Money earned in the sale / distribution of marijuana cannot be deposited in most banks to do to Federal regulations. this increases the amount of crime around marijuana related businesses, since a large amounts of cash will always be a target for criminals.
    What is needed to solve the marijuana problem is federal legalization.

  6. Pretty good video, I just have one issue. Leonard said "We know…" a few times when talking about the effects of marijuana. Unfortunately due to its status as a Schedule I drug, getting research on the effects of marijuana in the US is extremely difficult. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence, sure, but it's pretty easy for the studies to fail scientific scrutiny. So in the end, we only think we know. Move marijuana to Schedule II to allow the research to happen. Let's be sure we do know.

  7. I wonder if there are any studies comparing the negative outcomes of alcohol prohibition, being poisoned by homemade alcohol for example, and the decline of those outcomes after its repeal.

  8. On the subject of preventing kids from getting their hands on weed: If you give dealers a legal avenue to sell their weed, they will be less likely to illegally sell weed. Tell them, "You can legally sell weed, just not to kids," and significantly fewer dealers will be willing to sell to kids.

  9. Why? It's all about the Benjamins. Tons of tax revenue and police that can redirect their efforts towards violent crime and more dangerous drugs, like opioids. Nice to see the racial aspects being talked about, but let's not give too much credit where it doesn't belong.

  10. So I didn’t watch the whole 45 minutes but I don’t know if Leonard mentioned the fact that the PA GOP immediately issued a statement saying that they had no intentions to support legalization. So currently I don’t think legalization will happen until a large amount of republicans come out in support of it, which right now seems like it isn’t possible.

    I am also a medical marijuana patient in PA right now. There is a flower shortage, so there actually isn’t any cannabis available for purchase. There are 200k patients but only 11 growers shipping to dispensaries (with only 25 total licenses allowed) there is not enough supply. The way PA is currently drawing up legalization is a similar limited license situation with NO HOME GROW. So not only would it be basically impossible for the average person to own a grow or dispensary business, but they are not even going to let you grow in your own home. My fear is that if the MMJ law is mimic in terms of licenses, it’ll only feed the black market as there won’t be enough supply to keep up with the demand. Which is what we see in MMJ dispensaries in PA right now.

    Edit* I should add, with only 11 growers there is no competition. So prices are always kept high, in other states with a larger markets they have better pricing because of better supply and more competition.

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