1. Once again and without any surprise American capitalism will ruin things, pollute the planet, and poison its prey. Zero progress. Sickening really. Once again all we wanted was to grow what was necessary and beneficial, but business people have to profit at all costs. #RestrainCapitalism

  2. Whoever made it illegal is responsible of the possible public health issues about it. If it was legal it would be grown properly not inside some ghetto houses or fields out in CA or mexico. legalize federally and do the same test again. you'll get zero pesticides.

  3. Well to be fair, pesticides are all over those other vegetables too. I'm also not sure what the motive would be for "unscrupulous" growers to put even more toxic substances in their product. This is only speculation, even if it is the speculation of labs in CA. Since tobacco and cannabis are the two things people like to smoke, it's reasonable to assume that cannabis will suffer some of the same health drawbacks as tobacco. How many people who like to smoke tobacco smoke organic tobacco? If cannabis was legal to GROW, people everywhere could easily control for the set of problems presented in the video. It's easy to blame the substance, but boil the issue down and it's just politics to blame.

  4. When I use to grow it we had a problem with pests eating them when they were young as the plants got older the pests wouldn't eat them.
    We didn't want to spray chem on our plants.
    But plants around our plants that were untouched by pests we could make a strong tea out of and spray our plants with. Organics?

  5. So long as you keep a clean greenhouse or grow room with good ventilation you will not need pesticides. Growers who fumigate during budding should be criminalized as should dispensaries who sell their product. A smart grower always has two gardens in case one becomes unsaveable. An honest one would rather tear down and start over rather than sell poison medicine to sick people.

  6. If you care about your health you shouldn't smoke anything, medical studies have shown smoking causes cancer. Besides THC makes you stupid, several medical studies have shown that smoking marijuana lowers your IQ.

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