1. I met someone who did a book on the Temple Foods of India,they knew a lot about it and I asked about what is Soma and they told me that in the South the temples make Soma which is a fruit drink made from local fruit in season with freshly ground leaves of bhang.

  2. All he has to say is go and read this paper from here and listen to that, no conclusive talk. Nothing but small snaps of history which cannot even be connected.

    There are many products made from hemp which is known as many different names. Following are the products:
    1. Hemp seed oil(contains omega 3 and 6)
    2. Cbd oil/ rick simpsons oil(search and you will find rick making and explaining medicinal uses)
    3. Hash(smoking hash subsides pain physically and mentally search for Israeli old age homes are stocked with weed)
    4. Paper, ropes, fabrics, etc fibre rich products are already being made today.
    5. A comission was setup after fukushima disaster which suggested planting hemp around the power plant will help reduce radiation nearby.
    6. Bhang(search for balkrishna and benifits of bhang to know all its medicinal uses)
    7. Hemp seeds are protein, fiber, oil rich and very nutritious.
    8. Hemp milk.
    9. Hemp butter.
    10. Last but not the least the flower which is used for smoking.

  3. I am a little sceptical about the statement that India has a lot of wasteland. What definition do you have for wasteland? Much of wasteland has an important function as pasture.

    Also, just as one ought to when introducing a crop to a place, one should try and ensure that it does not suppress other vegetation.

  4. Rolling paper is available in every shop… But they will not be having dry loose tobacco for rolling and smoking…. And at the same time u hv to buy ur weed from some illegal way through some dealer.. it's all weed politics man.. it's all run and done deliberately.. man..,😑🤣👍😎

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