Questions Surround Sale Of CBD Flowers

A plant that looks and smells like marijuana has found its way onto store shelves in Minnesota, Jennifer Mayerle reports (2:40). WCCO 4 News At 10 – Feb.


  1. Says the Ignorant people off the street: Its Marijuana! It says it right there… Cannabis… Its Marijuana. Says the 2nd Ignorant person in the background: Yeah, Yeah…
    …Look Up The NEW Updated Farm Bill people! Findout what the definition of HEMP is and What Is and Isnt Legal concerning it.
    …It was NOT Marijuana. It was HEMP! and Totally Legal with the DEA & Federal Government. Including; Interstate Transport
    Do Some Research Before Running your dicksuckers!

  2. big mistake making this legal kids this will find its way to schools where kids might spike it to impress their friends thinking they have actual pot marijuana plant. concerned parents ought to phone their state reps

  3. My boy invested in this company BOSTON HEMPIRE they sell high CBD marijuana legally all throughout the United States with no medical cards needed. Absolute fire 🔥🔥🔥

  4. I just ordered my stuff off of Tweedle farms it also comes up with the lab results that I always keep on me when I have it on me in my vehicle and I always keep it in the original bag to end it just to prove it I had the state trooper next-door to me test it with one of his little kits it came back negative for Marijuana

  5. Your an ashole tho….the ghetto will buy this and start ripping off potheads……that will be your biggest problem!!!!!! Always a scammer out there….they know if they do thus….peoole will stop buying off the street….scared they get cbd pot………I CAN TELL DIFFERENCE…..CARRY A DIAMOND MAGNIFIER…LOOK FOR CRYSTALS
    …..PEOPLE NEED TO RESEARCH TURBINES…. these are many! Anyway…good job government. Your successful once again on puttin it to the deplorable. One day fuckers…your going to push wolf in corner and your going to get gnashed to death!!!! Or grow old and lonely and scared like SOROS….I CAN SPELL IT BACKWARDS SOROS
    O OF
    O OPEN
    S SOCIETY … I hope Switzerland puts him away!

  6. But rice we pay to import can have plastic and stuff….but thats ok….plastic is not harmfull if injested…..retards…..we know uts about the MONEY… come on gov. Your fooling no one but one day yourself…..because you built something on falsities…. also you cant put subliminal messages in the heads of pot smokers. Thats the real battle right there…..battle for your minds… already owns you if you got a no. Your a slave!!!!!! A slave they say cannot partake of natures gold…. well guess what……. Pppppppppppppp👅♾

  7. Uuuuh hamp marijuana thc cbd WTF that's just used for thousands of year's ppl !!!!!! Let alone !!!!! The real fucking problem are the fucked up syntetyc drugs the hard stuff !!!!!! Take care of that tho and not chew over and over again on the legalization of marijuana or all them other products from it !!!!! The other drugs are destroying… But who cares , right , it's all about the money again … Thing is alot politics and other higher ups from police FBI CIA lawyer's judges aaaaand so on are users and that's where the money is… … Hahahaha hypocrites 🖕

  8. It's also false reporting that the amount of THC in hemp flower or oil could show up in a drug test. These reporters are very uneducated on the topic of cannabis and hemp, wow. You people need to talk to an expert and actually gain some knowledge on the cannabis industry and how it works within the human body.

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