1. Real Distillate dont move… plain simple no way around that. If your bubble is runny and still got that nice gold color to it doesnt mean its TRASH right off the bat. It just means they filled it with distillate about maybe less than a quarter of the cart and the rest is either VG PG or anything they use to cut it…. thats all to it.

    Whether you say these carts got pesticides and arent the correct % of thc you cant even know that without literally seeing down to the cellular level. And pesticides start at the FLOWER stage not in the distillation.
    And as far as THC%(by law they can lie about the % in some legal states by 10-15%) soo even your “lab tested” labeled carts can have a lower thc content. NOT SAYING EVERY TESTED CART WITH A LABEL IS A LIAR.

    So moral of the story, if your cart DOESNT HAVE A LAB TESTED LABEL WITH EXTRACTION DATES AND ALL THAT. Dont go claiming “my shit dank cause it dont move” looking ass.

    Learn what you should be smoking rather researching if a company real or all that BS.

    -REAL distillate does NOT move
    -pesticides start at the FLOWER level.

  2. The blue dream one is a higher grade ( not better quality) fake cart. There are no real Danks. Anybody can make em. Some people care about what they’re doing / know how, (still not completely safe) and some don’t know what they are doing at all/ don’t care

  3. What if the number on the bottom is ca099 the air bubble moves not real fast but dose move and it's got the k but not same tip as I'm use to its same clear piece but the top hole is smaller did they change there tips or is that a fake to

  4. I got one of these last night. Unfortunately only read about them after I got it. It’s a ‘real’ one but I decided not to use it. Doesn’t seem worth the risk and it smells not very nice. Gonna write this off as a loss and smoke only fresh herb. I suggest nobody use these. Doesn’t seem safe at all. Not worth killing your lungs if you have access to bud. Smoke bud and leave this out. Who knows what they put inside.

  5. Bro both of those are fake, the one you think is real moves way to fast.. That bubble shouldn't move at all. And another thing the oil is to apple juice colored. It should be a nice yellow but not that vibrant. If you wanna see legit danks, lmk I'll show you what you should see in the oil every time.

  6. Anyone have experience with "dankvapesla"? I got 2 vape carts and everything checks out like in this video but on the side instead of saying "@dankvapesofficialaccount" it says "@dankvapesla"

  7. Man you're doing legit harm out there with this video. There is no such thing as a legit dank cart. There is so much evidence out there proving this to be true. I would remove this video just to be on the safe side.

  8. I live in Vegas and im telling you not ONE of the dispensaries we go to carry this brand. It’s a black market company and there vapes are trash. Stick with moxie, CBX, rove, city trees, bloom farms, etc.

  9. Thank you for this informative video. I use Dank to help with migraines and other medical shit.. and to get high obviously. My supply comes from California and just checked all mine.. all good!

  10. Whoa! Turns out that the cartridges with a bubble that doesn't move are the fake and deadly ones! These are the ones that are using Vitamin E acetate as an oil thickener, which is what makes the bubble stay fixed. Vitamin E acetate is the main culprit in all the deaths and injuries reported since the beginning of 2019.

  11. I heard that the real carts have thiner print on the bottom where it says CCELL, The fake ones have a fatter bolder print. I don't have any way of getting in touch with dank vapors but if you can do that and confirm and get back to me that be pretty cool man.

  12. If you buy stuff off the street you get what you pay for.. if you have ever been to a dispensary you know that these carts are expensive. Anything that has dank on it is 99.9% fake. The new fakes even have the raised letters on the boxes and the same numbering and letters on the bottom. Just a heads up.

  13. Peace out fam I got top shelf quality buds wax dabs shatter oil and vape carts available on deck real loud and firing Snapchat: kevinkushy Wickr: Weedymanz or text (719)644-6051 only for real consumers and retailers no bullshit

  14. Hey man, what if I have everything good, and the window is on the side for the new packaging, but that's the only thing that's changed? Like, it all looks like your carts except with the side window? Is that fake?

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