Steve-O: Johnny Knoxville’s drug intervention

Steve-O recounts a low point in his drug addiction and the mass email that led “Jackass” co-star Johnny Knoxville to stage an intervention. Plus: stories from his …


  1. Great interview. Thanks to Steve-O for talking about this. I already know he helped a lot of people with this interview, that are also dealing with addiction.

  2. The fact that his self hatred shined through after a while makes a lot of sense.
    Drug addicts usually all have a very deep and mostly hidden self hatred. For some it's more, for some it's less, but it's almost always the case.
    That's also the reason why he did all of these extremely stupid and painful stunts to his body, some people pick up smoking and he just goes for broke. It's a very psychological thing.

  3. Was surfing videos of Mike Tyson, stumbled upon this guy, no clue who he was before, but after binge watching a lot of videos about him over the last few days, I've had a newfound respect for life and for drug addicts who try to recover . It's so easy for people like us who don't do drugs to judge these people but end of the day they were sick people who needed help and I wish all of them get the help they need and recover to have a good life 🙂

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