1. From 2012-2015 I smoked this every single day, and so did all my friends. 1-5 grams per day. And we could handle it just fine. I would go into the bathroom during class in high school, pull my one hitter from my sock and take a massive rip, hold it in and blow it out when I was halfway back to class and not even my teachers would know I was high

  2. Dont smoke this shit. I was addicted to this shit from 2016 til the middle of 2018. I wish i never touched this shit. Im only 23 and feel like im 43. I wouldnt be surprised if this shit took a few years off my life. I have constant migrains and headaches. My brain literally vibrates all day in my skull. I have high anxiety because of that bullshit ass spice. Dont smoke it.

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