The Best Marijuana Penny Stocks To Watch in 2019 | Step By Step

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  1. Pretty much all your stock picks are trading lower now (04/22/18) than when you recommended them (12/28/17). Only one had a breakout since and also trading much lower.

    Time to pick a new career?

  2. Hey Tony. Being 7 weeks now past this video, I checked all the stocks you listed here for the breakouts you mentioned dated Dec. 28, 2017. Majority of them did break out for gains when I back checked from 12/28/17 to 1/4-5/18. Nice job.

  3. I love your videos but i have a problem finding a good trading program that pretty much allows all these Marijuana stocks. If I can know which one u use in the video above that would be great. If someone else knows please type it.

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