The biggest cannabis company in the world

Big Weed is already here. The very biggest cannabis companies in the world, Canopy Growth, owns over a dozen brands (like Tweed). Based out of Canada, …


  1. Don't let greedy suits ruin cannabis culture! Business and capitalism is is one thing, but the same pretentious white guys in suits that looked down on people who smoked weed 10 years ago, are now becoming the ones getting rich. The TRUE advocates and small businesses that were doing it forever are getting snuffed out by those who only see dollar signs, and nothing else.

  2. This was interesting until the creators reduced this to racism and accused white people of making the world a less lovable place. I thumbs down this shit video, just as everyone else should.

  3. Legalization is coming in the US of A eventually but it will be a slow process in some of our "less evolved" states. Guns for Everyone. Alcohol is Great. Don't Tread On Me and keep the govt out of our business. But getting high in the privacy of your own home is not? Doesn't make sense. If you can legalize it, making sure it meets FDA standards and then the States make some tax revenue from it, is a no-brainer.

  4. I wouldnt say that "weed is just another product", as the journalist said at the end. I think its a product that can be used in so many different ways, and in my opinion it has a huge potential to be the "future medicine". Whether you look at THC or CBD or even new cannabinoids that will probably come along the way, it has something innovative , even though it is a very old plant. As you can see it starts booming now, but not as a returning hippie movement, rather as business approach type of trend. I think in a couple of years when more and more countries will legalize it step by step, it is going to be huge.

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