The Black Market For Pot Is Still Thriving In California (HBO)

Recreational marijuana became legal in California in January. But for small-scale veteran growers like Jason Fleming, licensing backlog may shut his business …


  1. The government has been slamming us acting like we don't deserve marijuanaI'm in Pennsylvania one f***-up State and I could tell you something right now Black market is where it's at right we got a few people doing the homegrown thing I'll smoke that too I'm not tripping

  2. They want to regulate stuff that's legal like alcohol is regulated their stronger alcohol out there they just don't give it to us because they want to regulate it. That's the problem with legal weed. It needs to be decriminalized just because you smoke Buy or sell weed doesn't make you a criminal.

  3. Nobody smokes weed in California… I can assure you, it’s very very VERY OVERHYPED. I’ve lived here for a year and haven’t seen one person other than my reflection smoke weed….

  4. It figures since I went to LA last summer and went to a dispensary and got a bunch of strains that were none like the actual strain.. They were like generic Wallmart versions of what ever strain it was supposed to be I was so let down. Also they have 3 taxes so yea. Also so it's ok to sell weed supposedly in California but you can't grow your own?!? That's some real bullshit, unless I got that wrong.

  5. As long as the prices in the legal market stay high I'll stay high from the black market it's going to be the same results here in Illinois when it officially legalise weed Jan 1 2020 the black market will always thrive on every level it might slow down but it will never shut down

  6. California is making millions in weed tax, it also has a out of control homeless epidemic. Methamphetamine was down graded to a ticket, Herion addiction is compensated by the state with money, needles and shooting halls. The youth are smoking more weed now.
    Ya . California is a great state if your a homeless junkie.

  7. Now that taxes are attached to marijuana I have noticed that for some strange reason california can now find and destroy marijuana crops and sellers. For some unknown reason they weren't capable of this when all marijuana was illegal.

  8. I buy from the black market way too expensive you can get a oz that's worth a hundred with tax it will be like 150 why do that when I can get an ounce for like $90 or 89 or just a hundred government f*** everything up when they put their hands on things

  9. Black market will always exist and thrive…as long as their is a need for what ever product…..if you have what a person needs or wants…and it's good enough in their eyes!And they have the money….you make the profit plain and simple

  10. If they really wanted to push the black market out they wouldn't price shit double what streets do. It makes zero sense..they're doing things on a much larger and safer should cost less to produce per gram. Also quality of buds at most legal dispenserys are weak..industry needs more competition to drive prices down.

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