1. Kid:Mom I’m going to go trade with that creepy man beside toys r us with a long beard and black coat
    Mom:Okay sweetie if he tries to kill u don’t come to me
    1 hour later
    Kid:Mom help he tried to kill me
    Mom:you couldn’t live with your own failure so that brought you back to me……

  2. i remember i got 20 mega and regular ex pokemon and i left them in my desk and some kid whovwas known for stealing and he took all of them lamonated them and even though the teacher knew they were my cards they said they would get them back to me…

    i never got them back. another kid took my mega venasaur and crumpled it up same story never got a new one.

  3. 30:27 Haunter is not a Psychic type, he's a Ghost/Poison type. they only added the Psychic emblem to it cus it's a original design card and at the time there was no emblem for Ghost/Poison types. so Poisons were usually given Grass or Psychic emblems

  4. Little personal review on u and ur channel from the looks of the videos your really nice guy and your creative fun and professional channel helps me and many others relax I think this channel is a real asset to the YouTube community

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