1. These are THC liquids. Stop blaming the e-cigarettes that have been in mainstream use for over ten years. Ten years of use by 13 million people in the United States alone with no problems, and 600 people are hospitalized in the last TWO months? And mostly teenagers? Use your logic. This is a new product on the market, not e-cigarettes. It’s Black market THC cartomizers.

  2. “One little hit and you get addicted FOR LIFE”
    What a crock, where does this bafoon practice?
    Sounds like he is on some political team, leaning his opinions are scientific fact.

  3. It is not tobacco addiction, but a nicotine addiction. I recently quit smoking cold turkey for 6 days and went back, but quit again for 4 days and now I'm back smoking again. I understand I'm addicted to nicotine and I smoke to relieve the withdrawal of the last cigarette, but can't quit because I along with every smoker have been brainwashed to smoke by the tobacco companies, and it is the brainwashing that is the hardest to rid of to become a nonsmoker. I've vaped to get off cigarettes, but after cutting my nicotine level in half to quit it all altogether, I was spending more money vaping than smoking, so I went back to smoking.
    I recently bought a Juul starter pack after deliberately saying I would never buy one, but I wanted to see what it was like and now I see why they are so addictive: easy to conceal, different flavors, and easier to smoke, albeit it doesn't have anything to do with tobacco smoke.
    My point in all of this is don't pick up smoking. Smoking does nothing for you, nor does vaping/the juul. All it does is relieve the withdrawal of the last nicotine intake. Not worth your time and health and you become an addict to a substance that's going to kill you and it's worse than heroin; HEROIN. Smoking is one of the worst traps if not the worst to fall into and is the most preventable cause of death. Don't take it up; refuse peer pressure. You tell yourself you can quit anytime when you're young if you start, but it's already too late. The truth behind smoking is it's drug addiction, but we as smokers don't see it that way. I've tried to quit multiple times and have wanted to, but can't and won't, because I lie to myself. Do you see the contradiction, manipulation, and brainwashing that nicotine causes? I hope you do.
    From an honest smoker, you don't need this crap. If I do decide to quit for good, I'll be back in an edit. I say all this to show you how stupid smoking is. Us smokers have been cheated and slighted a good life by falling into the nicotine trap, and we will pay over $150k in our lifetime to fund this preventable death. This is the truth, whether the rest of us want to admit it or not, but we all know this is the truth and I hope this has given you some insight if you've read all this.

  4. So we should ban cigarettes and alcohol! Because do purchase vaping product you need to be over 21 (18) yet they still manage to purchase them therefore laws that are made for vaping should apply to vaping.

  5. Raising the age limit is stupid I started at age 11 smoked for 31 years been vaping for just over a year now stop kids from vaping will not stop them from smoking it's a subject you are never going to win if vaping becomes illegal then I will buy it from a supplier

  6. I would not deny the fact that me as a father as all so cruelly been admitted to the fact of nicotine and now me and my youngins Daughter by Young and mother are also addicted to nicotine that does not mean that my daughter is going to pick up an e-cigarette simply means that we need more means to either put an end to nicotine in general or also have more help and support for those that want to quit not just a helpline that literal cat classes and seminars maybe that we can all become clean up a nicotine because apparently that's all bad for us

  7. I would just like to say this sounds like full of s***. My young daughter is not going to start with her nicotine habit you know her parents are trying to get off of cigarettes because of juul and other e-cigarettes I think that is a very outrageous to think that all these kids are just wanting to get high the first time on a juul which I can't necessarily Buy first hand

  8. These companies need to get their facts right, these vaping deaths are not coming from vaping the actual E-juice, no the deaths are coming from vaping drugs and black market prefilled pods which contain dangerous chemicals. These news businesses are just hopping on the band wagon to try and ban e-cigarettes, when scientific research proves that vaping is 95 percent safer than cigarettes

  9. “Not a day goes by in my clinical practice where I’ve seen a teen come in and cannot stop juuling” ive smoked cigs than switched to juul then got off of it with nicotine patches within a week or two. I also love when they say “if you vape your more likely to start smoking cigarettes” like where tf that come from?!?!? Who’d you survey to get those answers… 1. Cigarettes taste horrible 2. They dont give half the buzz a juul or vape would give you so that one confuses me.. people are ugly.. its sad

  10. The fact that they mix words such as nicotine with tobacco and classify e-cig and regular cigs in the same sentence goes to show this guy either knows nothing or is fear mongering. Oh and they're marketed to kids 🙄

  11. this nicotine will give you a life time of tobacca addiction
    wait most people I know who vape
    absulutly hate tobacco and will never use it and nicotine is about as additive as caffine

  12. Wow what propaganda- ECigs are amazing and healthy- finally something that stops second hand smoke- I can breathe and my cancer risk is reduced by a lot. Actual cigarettes and alcohol are deadly not E-Cigs. The people getting sick from Juul only did because they bought knock offs from overseas not actual legitimate Juul. People who actually cause cancer in themselves and really get sick are cigarette smokers.

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