1. How many people just disliked the video because it says something slightly critical to their holy weed? 😀
    I mean, you did a really good and objective take on this. Hope people(especially users) will get more acceptive towards studies above feelings towards this drug.

  2. My mom has a stroke and smokes (sometimes vapes) marijuana because the doctor said it helps with headaches and relaxes her, I HATE it because I feel like it’s making her worse. Any systems I should be aware of and any idea on how to make her stop, please tell me

  3. My fathe overdosed and died from marijuana this drug needs to stop being glorified so people see what it really is it’s highly addictive and it kills people it’s causing our children to be violent and irresponsible killing many teens

  4. Could it be the limited evidence from studies IS because of lack of proper research as stated in this video? Probably. What’s true is that your friends are the gateway not the drug – get new friends and leave the pot for ppl with medical needs so you don’t end up as part of a future study.

  5. this idiot is trying to convince more people to use marijuana , this looks like the same campaign of early 1900s when smoking cigarettes use was promoted , I Have doubts that he himself a drug lord or is paid by one ??????? shame on him

  6. Every substance has side effects you fucking dumb stoners! I’m a cannabis enthusiast as well but I’m under no illusions that there can be unintended consequences of prolonged use. Just because you think weed is an infallible miracle plant doesn’t mean what this guy is saying isn’t true.

  7. Your glasses tie and shirt make your facts 100% true. I decide to believe what you say and ignore what 90% of the population says about pot. Pot will help you with many things and is healthy

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