1. I waited till I was 18 to smoke, it was for fun jus like drinking not for coping with stress or the slight mental health issues. Do your research instead of falling for peer pressure others you can cause permanent damage to your brain that comes back to bite you in the future smdh

  2. The only thing I hate about weed is that it smells like athletes foot had a baby with a zoo. Plus the smell could be smell a block away. So if it was in a pill or edible then knock yourself out.

  3. WTF is that green substance that drops from the skies on the table? I've grown basil that looks better 😂😂😂 MOJO at least go somewhere for a fresh cut if you want to talk about Ganja and not in the trash👌🔥

  4. Except that the deal with Aurora Cannabis fell through right after the rumors about Coke started circulating. People really just don't pay attention to the facts anymore..

  5. I CAN'T EVEN SMOKE IT DUE TO A MISSING LUNG!!! JUST GIVE ME CANNIBUS CAPSULES!!! ☠☠☠ (I lost 70% of my right lung due to a FREAK tumor, yet I have chronic fatigue and no hobbies.)

  6. It Always comes down to politics with the legalization of marijuana, just like the prohibition era and alcohol. In my opinion, Alchoholic beverages Are far more dangerous to our society than a toke of this plant. You dont see anyone banning beer, so why is this taking so long for our country's mainstream to embrace the benefits along with mellowing out this stressful world.

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