1. Seriously curious about this one, have any of you used cannabis to boost athletic performance or for recovery? If so let me know in a comment, want to hear the good and the bad!!

  2. Hiii Nick.. .. I'm an athlete from India and I'm still 14 years old 😄😄.. . I don't have a question but I wanted to say that whenever I watch videos on YouTube about these young athletic prodigies who r wayy better than me.. . It makes me wanna quit athletics.. . I just want u to make a video of motivation for other young athletes like me

  3. What ever you’re saying about that girl I feel everyday I go to gym higher than the spaceship they sent to space and I can see each and every muscle inside my head I’m working out and I train 2-4 hours everyday 😉

  4. I ran a half marathon with no training whatsoever and 2 joints in a fanny pack. Admittedly did vomit as soon as I could find a toilet, definitely numbed the pain though lol.

  5. Just wanted to add that I do believe that smoking cannabis doesn't effect the lungs that much. People often compare it to smoking cigarettes, but the difference with smoking cannabis is that it doesn't have the nasty chemicals in it like cigarettes do. I'm not gonna deny that inhaling smoke is bad but there have been studies that show that smoking cannabis doesn't lead to lung damage.

  6. I stoped smoking weed cause of the harshness on my lungs / intensive head high and cause like how he says in the video it makes him kind of paranoid . BUT all the times I’ve done edibles it’s the best high ever

  7. He seems like a cool person but when he chooses alcohol over weed at the end of the video, it changed my mind. Getting drunks a lot worst then high dumbass🤦🏼‍♂️guess you don’t get drunk enough to notice😵

  8. I smoke before I run when I get the chance and it actually helps me just put my mind in the right place and I'm able to push myself when my legs don't want to go no more I'm able to be more positive with it, that I can go further and I can finish my goal that day

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