1. Colloidal Silver is the truth! I've been using Colloidal Silver for healing purposes in the last 5 years. And yes; I use it on my dog to cure her respiratory infections common for her bred. I use it both externally and internally and it has never disappointed.

  2. Lots of love to the GBF. Lance I wish I could meet you. Love you & the work you are doing. I feel that compulsion too to do something to help my people. One day I'l progress from feeling to doing. I'm sure of it.

  3. Black policemen can be & are oftentimes harsher than Caucasian policemen. Just like during World War 2 in Nazi run Poland & Eastern Europe, the Jewish police were the most ruthless towards their fellow Jews. They want to prove themselves to their oppressors. Study history & OBSERVE the environment!

  4. Of course, poverty causes crime. That is obvious. Poor whites committed crimes when they came to America. The Irish, Italians, & Jews when they came to America formed gangs & indulged in crimes because they were impoverished. As they progressed socioeconomically, crime was reduced. Look at the Latino gangs who are poor, they live in high crime areas. It is not only poor Blacks in America but poor people period. Hell's Kitchen was always known as a high crime area- there is a predominant population of poor whites there. There are upscale Black neighborhoods where there is NO CRIME. Crime isn't endemic to poor Blacks but to poor people regardless of race & ethnicity. Even the Chinese communities had gangs who commit crimes because of poverty. People, read history & sociology books. Poor communities are hotbeds of crime.

  5. Earth strong Lance, what u think about birthdays? I personally think thank we log in once and that time were very special because it tells everything about us universally and that time was very special and cannot repeat itself. So I don't think birthdays are real/true I guess it's all about the numbers for you to be cut ingredients ur ass out a here. That day we were born cannot be repeated so it's impossible for us to celebrate birthdays we were not born on that day or time

  6. What a truthful statement Lance, we will have to turn to each other and we will have no one but each other!!! We MUST return to the matrix that is designed for first world peoples, civilization, for our ultimate freedom. If you have White friends your White friends will understand and if they don't they are not your friends. Remember what Bob Marley told us when he sang it… "Africa UNITE! cuz we're moving right out of Babylon and we're going to "our" father's land"

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