1. I just have zero, NO understanding of why the debate to provide & make Legal is a souly owned decision proclurativelly hinged with the Licensed Insured Medical Industry that has Zero all Natural God created Plants, Herbs, Minerals, Enzymes, Probiotics, Breast made Colostrum, Lactoferen , Pulsed Magnetic Earth energy, Infrared Heat therapy to boost immune system, Acupuncture therapy, Essential Oils therapy, Homeopathy therapy, energy healing medicine, Bio feedback, Hypnosis pain relief & guided imagery, Vibrational Therapy, Hyper Baric Oxygen Therapy for stroke victims & other Brain trauma, Turkey Tail Mushroom for Cancer therapy, Massage therapy for manner of stress on the body. Massage therapy is NOT offered or provided in any Hospital Medical Licensed Psych Ward where people, not Dogs & Cats MUST, MUST,MUST be given the Humane action of petting, therapeutic TOUCH called Massage Therapy that can be provided by LICENSED Massage Therapist but is NOT!!!!! Because the Medical Industry whores only have DRUGS, Operations & therapies that address specific SYMPTOMS because Medical Doctors are taught by Medical SCHOOLS "The Money is in treating the SYMPTOM not the cause for the symptom, so ignore the thyroid, the quality for sleep, Magnesium deficiency & all Mineral deficiency & toxic over load heavy metals like cadmium, aluminum, chrome, mercury, & never describe a true DETOX program to reduce Heavy Metals as is a Cheolation protocol with such Herbs as Cilantro Tea, Mustard Bath soak. This therapeutic interventions are never forthcoming from any Medical Doctors MENU that they Bill Insurance that wants Health Care very expensive to justify why they Charge Insurance coverage outrageous High price, but refuse to cover Massage Therapy, Biofeedback sessions, Natural Nutrients, Exotic Energy Medicine or a Natural non Genetically Modified Marijuana Plant that alone in it's all Natural synergistic perfection is better than a single isolated chemical the Medical INDUSTRY MUST Patent so they can own & charge what ever they can the more life threatening the Drugs need is or is advertised. Yet Oxygen is the most Medical needed Life supporting aid. The guy said some people have a "Medical Need to put on weight" what is the difference between a Medical need & a practical Health complaint, condition, deprived ,malnourished observation. I suppose it would revolve around who's doing the Billing to make MONEY! I demand you ignorant stupid Pub-lick support & demand Alternative Health Clinics that freely provide the Natural God created Medicine Man approach our Ancient Ancestors developed of 100's & thousands of years. The Ancient Greek Healer Hypocraties said "Give me the ability to induce a fever, & I can cure anything!" Infrared Sauna's do just that & are never seen on any Licensed Medical Hospital MENU! To help the sick & dieing get better because they have it down to a Science, Man made Drugs & you all know this & ignore it expecting Drugs to work Magic. Fools! Let Chiropractors & Massage Therapists, Hair Salon Barbers, Sports Coaches people who interact with people one to one prescribe Marijuana sales & services, open a Restaurant Bar Franchise that has a Pot Smoking Room to learn & expose yourself to low mild interaction with this popular Healing PLANT! Stop being conditioned, docile slaves to the Medical Industry deceptive PRACTICE. Why is it a Medical Practice because it is Law lingo that covers their ass to be clueless, groping in the dark harvesting Money inept to diagnose the cause of a complaint. As you can see have much to say & do so eagerly. Make me Governor for Wisconsin & I will Franchise Alternative Health Therapy Clinics & Grocery Stores. Sleep ignorant scum, sleep pathetic shallow incompetent slave.

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