1. I have the HLG550 V2 and the Gavita 1650 I did a side by side and the Gavita won by a landslide. HLG550 V2 was in a 4×4, although it did good I found the light did not give off enough heat so I had to supplement heat (Grow room was 22 celcius average), also the HHLG550 V2 I found did not give off enough far red spectrum so I found that when flowering for best results you might want to supplement more red spectrum to the canopy. The Gavita was in a 5×5 kept my room temp around 26 to 27 celcius which is perfect for flowering. The flower was very noticeably larger than the HLG. The Gavita has really good red spectrum, and to be fair the new HLG lights now has RED diodes in them as well. The price of Gavita 1650 is out of reach for most people but I believe in buying it right the first time. Just my 2 cents.

  2. These led light manufacturers need to start incorporating remote drivers like hid companies did. It's like having the ballast inside the grow space acting like a heat radiator. Maybe nice if u live in cold climate

  3. Guys? Just search this video -> "1 pound plant indoors LED lights day 62" from "goliath grower" and convince urself of a affordable mars hydro light ^^ fuck this 1000$ lights, thats simply a waste of money, just get a few decent cheap ones and all the missing colors as single bulbs and ur results will be close or even better than with one of those…

  4. you should add that these growlights are proff and as a qonseguense – very expensive. Not for beginners. Maybe you should do the same review for beginners but not following "amazon sellers" example? br

  5. This is so funny! So you guys test all these lights, spent your time, made a video and uploaded it, and now you are trying to say that you have no benefits of making this video???

  6. I have to complain. Don't use terms like power draw and compared to HPS on every light. That might have been relevant 10 years ago. The key element in the light is what chip is used/how much of it and how well the light is spread.

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