1. FULL DOCUMENTARY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NELyRwkDytA
    Spanish Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIL6i0NAwwY&t=4s&ab_channel=ElTom

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  2. I have to say, I feel like you are the "psychedelic guy who hates weed" which is a bit hypocritical. I know you personally dont like cannabis, but we've had enough versions of scary weed stories about chemicals poisoning people. It's way too easy to criticize weed because of the drug war. You need to focus more on the positive side of cannabis. I never see you pointing out any benefits, this must be because of your bias against cannabis. As someone reporting on a story like a journalist, you need to be more objective and less biased about your history with the plant. I'm disappointed and expected more than this from a member of the psychedelic community

  3. in Romania you can find something like this to with rat poison and acetone and so many bunch of stuff they are called legals because they were legal before and I cant understand how can something like this that turns you into a zombie can be legal!

  4. This is really well made. Im actually so proud of tom. I want more like this. It is real content. It is the kind of video that will build a sustainable long lasting channel even id it doesnt get as many views to begin with.

  5. Dude that porro stuff looks hella toxic, poor motherfuckers who don't realize the actual price they're paying 🙁 but from how your mates described it- the cripy weed sounds super familiar to what we have here in the streets of Munich, Germany. Such a sophisticated country one might think but Bavaria is super closedminded/christian. So you'll usually end up with something à la cripy weed. Here it's called "Stano" which sadly referrs to the 'standard' here. Poor quality stuff and sometimes laced with something. It'll smeels good, look good, almost 'too' perfect, too green, too fluffy. But you can never really tell until you light it up. Then you can tell by the chemical after taste in your mouth. Time to move to Uruguay forreal y'all. Thanks for the insights Tom!

  6. This type is sold in my country, and it is one of the factors of mental illness with my patients. I work at a mental health hospital. Almost no one knows the difference and think it's good quality weed.

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