Tucker takes on supporter of legalized marijuana

Canada becomes the second nation in the world to fully legalize the sale and recreational consumption of marijuana; should Americans take notice? Mason …


  1. In California, after recreational weed was legalized, the blackmarket price went down from $10 to $5.
    They may need to lower the taxes and regulation down on legal recreational weed to get rid of the black market.

  2. Tucker: what are your thoughts on "X."

    Guest: Well, the thing about "X" is that…

    <Tucker Interrupts>

    Tucker: but you're completely ignore "Y" you don't know what you're talking about

    wash, rinse, repeat

  3. People being arrested every day in Montana for marijuana possession end of 2019. People with Medical Marijuana Perscriptions are also being arrested (and then released usually) but arrested for something they have a permit for. That would be like people being arrested for illegal possession of a handgun when they have a concealed carry permit.

  4. It’s very hypocritical for tucker to say that the government created a system that’s bad for young people, but I bet if one of those young people complained that the government was screwing them over, tucker would be one of the first ones to call him an entitled liberal snowflake

  5. Just got a upm for driving home from camp. The reason I got pulled over? My crime was leaving my parking pass on my rear view mirror, which wasn't even obstructing my view of the road, and my license plate holder was to thick so they couldn't tell if I had a real plate or it was fake. Mind you it was the license plate holder from when I bought the car two years ago now I get pulled over for it. Two stupid reasons and now I have to go to court and I was told I'm being arrested but don't have to go to jail. So yes people are still getting arrested and charged for weed. I'm white by the way.

  6. I like tucker but this is just garbage. This is ridiculous and off base. Cannabis has been legal in Colorado for almost 8 years now and usage rates remain the same as before. People will not rush dispensaries and begin force-feeding themselves cannabis every hour of every day just because it is legal. Those interested in pot will buy it. Those that are not interested in it will not. I dont understand why prohibitionists seem to think that as soon as cannabis becomes fully legal, everyone will develop an irresistible compulsion to consume cannabis irresponsibly.

  7. The news got brain washed when the fake news came out since the baby boom days. Mariijuana is a Scheduled 1 drug which states that its worst than meth and cocaine. Fake news from long ago

  8. “You wont be arrested for a joint” yea ok Tucker. Come down to Texas and then say that. In Texas a girl got arrested for having a gram of weed and some rolling papers in her car that was PARKED in her driveway! She wasnt smoking not was she high. She keeps it in the car to hide it form her parents! Shes over the age of 21 though so im not supporting the use of marijuana by minors! A young man here in Texas was also arrested and charged with a felony for baking and selling some weed brownies! They tried to give him life in prison over some brownies!!!!!

  9. LMFAO this is funny! I'ma all day everyday pothead…. I work 80 hours a week, climbing the ranks and an accelerated rate, have two awesome kids that are both great at school and home. I smoke easily at least an oz a week and the worst thing besides always having the munchies is the money I spend.

  10. I smoke weed every day. I'm against legislation. Because government and big business will control its sales a distribution. Then pretty soon it will be all GMO marijuana

  11. I don't work for the government. I'm not a big Corporation. If marijuana is legal I'll make no money. I never smoked marijuana in my life. I plan to Never Smoke it in my life. And I have no idea why it's illegal. It makes no sense to me. I've been doing so much research online and I can't find the reason why marijuana is illegal in the first place. Are there any old people who can explain this?

  12. I agree with ole Tuck on a lot of things but this is simply asinine. It's common knowledge that cannabis was made illegal for unethical and immoral reasons by white fearful men. Everyone knows that while cannabis becoming legal on a federal level is most likely a good bet, an apology or admission on wrongdoing by the government will never happen.

  13. Yo this guy needs to get educated for real.. this is about the most backwards dishonest report I have ever heard from this man. If I was the the guy on the right I would have literally got up and just left. This is a perfect example of ignorance at its finest.

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