UPDATE: Lincoln's CBD/KETO + Penelope's Recovery

With so much going on in our family, we wanted to just do a sit-down update on the state of Stephen’s legs, where we are with CBD treatments for Lincoln’s …


  1. CBD oil is really great!! I'm so glad you guys are trying everything for your kids. I hope more people get on to using CBD oil for medicinal purposes. Awesome parenting. So glad Lincoln is doing much better!!

  2. Love this family. Such big hearts. I was surprised to hear one of the requirements was that they would have to visit China every 3 years for Penelope. Like wow. This family has done so much by taking these kids in already when they didn't have to and she wanted them to do this, too? Like wow. This couple deserves the world for all they are doing for these kids.

  3. Will you ship to Singapore? ❀️❀️ I started watching your videos two weeks ago and they've helped me thru a rough patch. Wld really like to be able to give back to you guys!

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